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Our site has small routine/maintenance upgrades 2 to 4 times per year.
These are usually between midnight and 1a.m. (Pacific time), for minimal disruption. Sometimes they are just a few minutes while a piece of hardware is replaced; other times they may take up to 3 hours for a major software upgrade. We try to keep this to a minimum, and apologize for any inconvenience when it's down!

We upgraded to an all-new website on June 1, 2015, featuring a mobile-friendly site, streamlined checkout, and improved integration with our inventory system

In Fall 2021, we're in the process of upgrading to a newer version of this website. Here are some details about the current upgrade:

  • Improved Speed
    Coding keeps improving, and the upgraded website promises to display pages in 1/3 to 1/2 the time.
  • Improved Wish List
    We apologize that the website company started upgrading the Wish List too early, which disabled our wish lists temporarily. Please contact us if you need a list of what's in your Wish List(s).
    After the upgrade, the wish list will have more features than before, and they promise you'll be able to access all your existing wish lists again.
  • Improved out-of-stock notifications.
    The upgrade has a built-in out-of-stock notification feature - just click into the details of any out-of-stock item, to be notified when it comes back in. Control your notifications: you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Improved Navigation -- less clicks!
    This caused a major delay... we discovered shortly after the upgrade process began, that we had to reduce our total number of "categories" on the website, to just 500... and we had 3,700! These are the Shop > Findings > Earring Findings > Ear Wires > French Hooks > Sterling Silver French Hooks types of categories, so we had to condense these to just 500, and convert many of them to filters (color, material, length, gauge, etc.)

Q: Do I use the same username and password to log in?
A: Yes. You will continue to use the same username (your email address). If you need to update the email address in your account, please contact us.

If you haven't logged in since June 1, 2015:

  • To log in, type your email address then click "Forgot password?". 
  • This will allow you to create a new password, ensuring the best security for your account.

Q: If I have trouble finding a product or completing checkout, what can I do?
A: If you have any trouble while shopping on our site, please contact us so we can help you!

Q: Can I still pay with PayPal?
A: Yes.
PayPal may require that you ship to an address that's already in their system. If it does, please carefully check that address. Sometimes the address that PayPal sends to us, is incomplete, and non-deliverable.
If you experience any issues with PayPal checkout, please log into your Rings & Things account before selecting a payment option.

Q: Does my Net30 account carry over?
A: Yes. If you encounter trouble checking out with Net30, please contact us to pay via Net30.

Q: Is my reseller permit still on file?
A: In most cases, yes. To verify, please see the instructions in our Wholesale program.

Q: Where will I find my order history?
A: Order histories prior to June 2015 are no longer available. If you have any trouble accessing your order history from June 2015 to the present date, please contact us and we'll hook you up!

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