Rivet and Eyelet Lengths

When making your own custom-length rivets out of wire or tubing, the standard rule (so you can properly finish both ends) is to measure the total thickness of the items to be joined, and then add the wire (or tubing) diameter. See Riveting 101 for more information about making and setting your rivets or eyelets.

The ideal Crafted Findings rivet or eyelet length is approximately 1mm (1/32" - 1/16") longer than the total thickness of the pieces you are riveting. If in doubt (textured metal, imprecise measurements, etc.), it's safest to use an eyelet that is a bit too long, rather than one that's a bit too short. Assortments are a great way to get started. Then, if you need more of a specific size, measure that size before you run out, and follow up by ordering specific lengths as needed.

This reference chart is a rough guide to help you decide which rivet or eyelet lengths are likely to work best for new projects.

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