Oil & Vinegar or Wine Bottle Charms


        2     #42-217         1 1/2" Manipulating Hoops
        2     #44-461         Leaf Charms
        2     #37-136         Medium Round Jump Rings
Glue:     Either #60-260         E-6000, or
      #60-280         "Crafter's Pick - The Ultimate!"
          Assorted Beads
          Paper and Markers
          Lamination or Decoupage Supplies


The finished product: Wine glass charms, another great free jewelry project from Rings & Things These elegant bottle charms can be used to dress up wine bottles or home-made herbed oil & vinegar, with durable personalized labels.
  1. This label was made by laser-printing the desired text onto nice, heavy paper. The label was then cut out, and colorful borders were added with permanent markers to match the beads.
  2. The entire label was then laminated using a commercial laminator. (Try Kinko's if you don't have access to one at work.)
    Or use a decoupage product like Mod-Podge to "glue" together various layers of colored paper (instead of using markers for color), and then coat the whole label with Mod-Podge to seal it when done.
  3. Follow the "Using Manipulating Hoops" instructions to string desired pattern onto a 1-1/2" hoop.
  4. Use a jump ring to attach the leaf charm to the center of the beaded pattern.
  5. Glue the back side of the leaf charm onto the front of the finished label.
Designer: Tracy Mahuiki
© Rings & Things

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