Well Suited Barrette Tutorial

Written by
Megan Holden
Published on
February 1, 2022 1:01:00 AM PST February 1, 2022 1:01:00 AM PSTst, February 1, 2022 1:01:00 AM PST

Created by: Megan Holden


Designer Tips

  • Clean bezels of barrettes with a clean, wet cloth and allow to dry.
  • Paint the bottom of one barrette bezel with red paint, using smallest brush of Ranger set to ensure clean lines at the perimeter. Allow to dry and repeat with 2nd coat, dry thoroughly.
  • Press small piece of paper around the perimeter of the bezel interior to make an impression for cutting a heart template. Cut heart template with scissors around crease lines (most likely will be a tad larger than bezel interior but you can make small cuts/adjustments as needed when cutting out the queen.
  • Use paper heart template to cut queen out of card. You can trim away the negative space around her or leave solid-your choice.
  • Use EnviroTex Spray Sealer to thoroughly cover front, back and edges of queen cutout with sealant to prevent the paper of the playing card to absorb liquid resin. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Place Queen heart shape into bezel of one barrette and cut to fit as needed. Secure to bottom with small dot of glue.
  • Place three rows of Diamond Duo beads in bezel (adding small dab of glue to flat bottoms before placing) in red painted bezel, using tweezers to adjust/center/straighten.
  • Allow drying time for glue in bezels.
  • Mix 1/4oz of resin according to directions on package (filling resin to the 1/8oz line of cup and adding hardener up to the 1/4 line, making 1/4oz total with both parts).
  • Place small piece of cardboard, folded piece of paper, etc. under the pointy end clip portion of  barrettes so that they lay flat for resin pour.
  • Pour resin into bezels to the rims (I don't suggest going much past the rim as they have a serrated border that could allow for seepage/leaking.
  • Cover your barrettes while they cure with upside down plastic bin or Tupperware container to prevent dust motes/hair from drifting into resin as it cures.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 pair #30-810-001  Heart Bezel Hair Clip
  • 1 pkg #82-500-08 EasyCast 8oz. Epoxy Kit
  • 1 can #82-525-12 EnviroTex Spray Sealer, 12.5oz
  • 1 pkg (use 1 cup & 1 stick)#82-599 Mixing Set


Other Supplies
  • red craft paint (since playing cards vary by manufacturer in what shade of red is used, take playing card you are using to the craft store for a good color match)
  • Any Queen face card from usable/discarded deck
  • Diamond Duo Beads-Black, 5x8mm (from designer's stash)
  • small to medium tupperware container to cover work as it cures