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Cognitive Resonance Pendant Tutorial

Wear safety glasses when cutting, drilling or punching. Lay out pattern; carefully set aside, away from your hammering surface. Decide the size rivets you'll need for each hole. This depends on two factors. The watch parts: Some have a large hole and will only work with larger gauge wire and/or in combination with other gears or beads used as spacers or fillers. Others have a small hole or are too hard to punch with the plier punch. The plier punch can...

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Not-So-Shiny Bangle Bracelet

Use heavy-duty flush cutters to cut approximately 1 loop from the spool of 12-gauge antiqued copper wire. Make sure both ends are cut flat (flush) so they fit together well inside the crimp.

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5 Minute Rings Tutorial

Cut a 20-gauge or 24-gauge 0.25" (wide) strip of copper, brass or sterling sheet approximately 2.75" long. Smooth and straighten with a nylon hammer. Optional: Texture or stamp if desired. File corners and edges smooth, using #2-cut needle file, so...

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