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Birthstone Options

Some birth months and Zodiac signs have a dizzying variety of jewelry-making options to choose from; others just have one classic birthstone / color. To keep it (relatively) simple, we're sticking with the most-popular traditional birthstones in the US & the UK. January: Garnet (Red) | February: Amethyst (Purple) | March: Aquamarine (Light Blue) & Bloodstone | April: Diamond & Rock Crystal Quartz (Clear) | May: Emerald (Green) & Chrysoprase | June: Alexandrite, Pearl, & Moonstone | July: Ruby & Carnelian | August: Peridot & Sardonyx | September: Sapphire & Lapis Lazuli | October: Rose Zircon, Opal & Pink Tourmaline | November: Golden Topaz & Citrine | December: Blue Zircon, Tanzanite & Turquoise

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Circles in the Sand Necklace Tutorial

Created by: Veronica Greenwood This is a lovely summery design with secure wire-wrapped links, and can also double as November birthstone jewelry (citrines) or June (pearls). 1. Using a 12" piece of wire, wrap one 4mm citrine bead, one 4mm apatite, and one 4mm citrine around a section of the 26mm hammered link.

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