Sand Dollar Leather Bracelet Tutorial

Written by
Sondra Barrington
Published on
February 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PST February 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PSTst, February 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PST

This stylishly simple bracelet looks great worn alone, or with other bangles or leather bracelets.

Created by: Sondra Barrington


Designer Tips

  • Cut leather flush after measuring. Use a dab of glue inside one cord end. Insert leather into the cord end and gently pinch the cord end prongs together until secure.
  • Slide guru bead onto leather.
  • Finish other end of leather cord.
  • Use a small jump ring to attach cord end to lobster clasp, and add a large jump ring at the other end of the bracelet (for the clasp to hook into).
    For best way to open and close loops, see Jump Ring Hint in Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF).
  • Using nylon-jaw pliers, gently push prongs over stone all around the stone. To keep the stone centered, don't set tightly at first: do a little from the "north" and "south" then a little from the "east" and "west", then repeat.
  • Finish by going all the way around for the final tightening. You can also use a burnishing tool for the final setting/smoothing if needed.
  • Make a wire-wrapped loop (or simple loop) using the pearl bead. As a decorative element, a small heishi bead was placed on the ball-end head pin along with the pearl -- this isn't necessary but gives your jewelry a little extra touch of love. See Jewelry Basics 101 for step-by-step looping instructions.
  • Use jump rings to attach dangles to guru bead.
  • You can select an alternate color for the Cushion Stone; we have a huge selection! ... well, we HAD a huge selection... 10mm #4470 Cushion Squares by Swarovski are nearly gone, but these settings also work with most other brands of 10mm cushion squares. Shop remaining colors while they last!

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each (use 6-7") #61-132-20-02 Greek Leather Cord, 2mm, 20 Meter - Black
  • 2 each #48-170-2-3 JBB Findings Silver Plated Cord End, Round, 2mm I.D.
  • 1 strand (use 1 bead) #20-616-015  Freshwater Pearl Beads, Rice, 5-8mm - Cream
  • 1 100 (use 1) #37-091-20-3 Silver Plated Ball End Head Pin, Thin, 2"
  • 1 100 (use 1) #49-957-03-3 TierraCast Silver Plated Heishi Beads, Cast, 3mm Heishi
  • 1 each #26-750-20-AS TierraCast Lotus Guru Bead - Antiqued Silver Plated
  • 1 each #44-940-23-AS TierraCast Antiqued Silver Plated Britannia Pewter Sand Dollar Charm
  • 1 each #41-878-53-10-5  JBB Antiqued Silver Plated Pendant Bezel Setting for 10mm Cushion Square Stone
  • 1 each #04-470-10-445 Swarovski 4470 Cushion Square Stone, 10mm - Crystal Paradise Shine
  • 1 dozen (use 1) #39-340-3 Silver Plated Lobster Clasp, 10mm
  • 1 100 (use 4) #37-175-3  TierraCast Silver Plated Round Jump Rings, 7.6mm, 16-gauge
  • 1 100 (use 2) #37-190-02-3 TierraCast Silver Plated Oval Jump Rings, 20-gauge
  • 1 each #60-270  EURO TOOL Adhesive, Super New Glue


  • #69-043 Scissors, Extra-Large Loop
  • #69-271-99 EURO TOOL Glitter Jewelry Tools, Four-Piece Set
  • #69-271-91 EURO TOOL Glitter, Nylon Jaw, Flat-Nose Jewelry Pliers
  • #69-102 EURO TOOL 2" Curved Steel Burnisher (optional)