Safe Journey Pendant Tutorial

Written by
Mollie Valente
Published on
October 1, 2021 1:01:11 AM PDT October 1, 2021 1:01:11 AM PDTst, October 1, 2021 1:01:11 AM PDT

Created by: Mollie Valente


Designer Tips

  • To add texture, place the metal blank on the steel block and use the ball end of the hammer to make a lightly hammered surface.
  • After hammering, the metal blank will be work-hardened and will require annealing. Place the blank on a fire block and use a micro torch to anneal the piece. Cool to room temperature. Bonus: annealing also serves to heat patina the piece of metal.
  • To bend the bail, place the metal blank in the jaw of the bail-making pliers, centering over the rod. Gently grip the metal blank in the pliers' jaw while using your fingers to bend the metal blank so the oval tips come together and the blank's holes line up. Based on the thickness of my bone pendant, I shaped the metal blank over the smaller 3mm rod.
  • To polish the metal, first, use the extra-fine polishing pad to remove the patina from the high points in the hammered design. Then follow up with the polishing cloth to shine.
  • Fit the bail onto the bone pendant and align the holes. The bail should fit snugly.
  • To rivet the bail, start by assembling the parts to be riveted in this order: rivet, 4mm heishi bead, insert rivet through bail/bone pendant hole, and 4mm heishi. The predrilled holes in the pendant and metal blank are slightly loose for the rivet, but the 4mm heishi beads are a good fit and help hold the rivet centered in place.
  • Once the parts to be riveted are assembled, check the length of the rivet. The rivet should extend out about 1-to-2mm. If the rivet is too short or too long, select a different rivet from the sample pack.
  • Use the Crafted Findings 1/16" Riveting Tool to finish the rivet. (see video showing how to use Crafted Findings' riveting tools
  • Thread a mesh chain choker through the bail and connect the necklace clasp.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #25-110-73-3 Bone Pendant, Hook, Notched - Special Purchase
  • 1 each #44-720-30 Brass Blank, Oval, Two Hole, 9x32mm
  • 1 pack (use 1 piece) #69-920-03-2 Crafted Findings Brass Jewelry Rivet, 1/16", Sample Pack, Long
  • 1 hundred (use 2 pieces) #49-957-04-3 TierraCast Silver Plated Heishi Beads, 4mm Heishi
  • 1 ten (use 1 piece) #52-293-18-9 Gunmetal Metal Mesh Necklace, 3mm Round
  • 1 ten (use 1 piece) #52-293-16-9 Gunmetal Metal Mesh Choker, 3mm Round


  • #69-138 EURO TOOL Hammer, Chasing
  • #69-125 Steel 4" Square Block
  • #69-275-21 Wubbers Medium Round Jewelry Bail Making Pliers
  • #69-329 Blazer Stingray Micro Torch
  • #69-182 Fire Block, Ceramic, 5.7 x 3.7 x 2"
  • #69-257-0005 3M Sanding Sponges, 1200-1500 Grit
  • #63-537 EURO TOOL Polishing Cloth, Brilliant
  • #68-007-14 Form, Technique, Crafted Findings Riveting System
  • #69-907 Crafted Findings 1/16" Long Reach Piercing and Rivet Setting