Naughty or Nice Bracelet Tutorial

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January 1, 2021 1:01:59 AM PST January 1, 2021 1:01:59 AM PSTst, January 1, 2021 1:01:59 AM PST

A variation on a jewelry kit by TierraCast

Designer Tips

  • Cut a 6-8" length of the red pebble cord, add a small dab of superglue to one of the ends plus drag a small amount of glue around the sides of the end (stay within a 1/8" from the end so no glue shows when you place the cord end on it) and gently press one of the cord ends over the end with glue. Repeat for the other end.
  • Attach two 8mm jump rings to the loops on each cord end and twist each closed (refer to Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF) for twisting jump rings open and shut).
  • Use a 4mm jump ring to connect a toggle clasp to one of the 8mm rings. Repeat for the other side with the other piece of the toggle clasp.
  • Use 4mm jump ring to attach your charm of choice to the 8mm ring attached to the loop end of toggle clasp, twist to close.

  • Add a bead of your choice to a head pin, trim any excess so that you have approx. 1/2" left and make a loop with your round pliers. Use a 4mm jump ring to attach it to the 8mm ring next to the charm. Repeat with another color. New to jewelry-making? See Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF) for step-by-step instructions on making head pin loops.
You can also try making this bracelet with silver metallic cord with an angel charm, or customize for other holidays with your choice of charms.

    Suggested Supplies

    • 6-8" #61-655-900 Printed Suede Cord, 5mm - Red Pebble
    • 2#43-800-706-AS TierraCast Antiqued Silver Plated Pewter Palace Cord End for 6mm Cord
    • 1 #39-152-08-AS TierraCastAntique Silver PlatedToggle Clasp Classic
    • 1 #49-958-25-ASTierraCastSanta Charm (or charm of your choice)
    • 1 #37-100-3 Silver Plated Jump Ring Assortment (use 2 8mm Jump Rings and 5 4mm Jump Rings from the assortment)
    • 2 #37-421-3 7/8" Silver Plated Headpins
    • 1 #05-000-04-01 Swarovski 5000 4mm Round, Crystal (or your choice of color in crystal bead, pearl, etc.)
    • 1 #05-000-04-20 Swarovski 5000 4mm Round, Siam (or your choice of color in crystal bead, pearl, etc. )


    • #60-244 Loctite Ultra Gel Control SuperGlue
    • #69-275-09 Wubbers Bent Chain-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers
    • #69-275-52 Wubbers Round-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers
    • #69-275-03 Wubbers Chain-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers
    • #69-056 EURO TOOL Side Flush Cutters