Ladylike Lariat Necklace Tutorial

Written by
Rita Hutchinson
Published on
January 1, 2021 1:01:11 AM PST January 1, 2021 1:01:11 AM PSTst, January 1, 2021 1:01:11 AM PST

Created by: Rita Hutchinson

Designer Tips

  • Freshwater pearls often have small holes. If the hole is too small, use a thinner headpin, or ream the opening with a battery operated bead reamer (#69-058).
  • Fold deer hide in half, and make a larks-head knot on the sterling link, being careful to keep the cord flat.
  • The deer hide cord is very supple. Cut the end at an angle and "screw" into the center crimp. For best results, bring lace all the way through the crimp portion, trim end flat, and pull back into place before crimping. You can also add a drop of glue for extra security.
  • Add beads in desired pattern, make a secure loop, and attach to loop of crimp end. (See Basic Jewelry-Making Technique Sheet (PDF)for detailed instruction on making a loop on a head pin.)

Suggested Supplies
(Note: This necklace was made in 2013 ... original components are listed, but some are no longer available so we've tried to link alternate parts where possible. Please email us if you need help finding additional alternates!)

  • 1 strand [use 2] #20-642-01-036 12mm Freshwater Pearl Coin Bead
  • 1 strand [use 4] #24-731-102 Bead, Flying Saucer, 4mm
  • 1 strand [use 2] #28-000-010-952 Faceted Glass Rondelle Bead, 4mm
  • 2 each #41-551-99-25 Center-Crimp Tube with Loop, 2.5mm I.D.
  • 1 each [use about 43.5"] #61-833-12-02 Deer Hide Lace Cord, 3mm - Black
  • 1 pkg of 10 [use 2] #37-515 Head Pin, 1-1/2", 0.025" Diameter
  • 1 each #44-050-80-29 Link, Round, Hammered, 20mm

Additional Supplies
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors