Hootie and the Sodalites Earring Tutorial

Written by
Amy Mickelson
Published on
September 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDT September 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDTst, September 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDT

Learn how to make stamped earrings using an owl stamp, copper findings and orange sodalite gemstones.

Created by: Amy Mickelson

Designer Tips

  • Choose a metal design stamp to fit the metal blank.
  • Use tape to secure the blank to the steel block to keep it from moving.
  • Make sure the stamp is perpendicular to the blank and hit the stamp with a hammer with one firm blow.
  • Patina if desired, before assembling the earrings. Lightly polish the stamped charms to remove some of the patina.
  • Add a bead to an eye pin and finish with a wrapped loop to create a gemstone connector.
  • Use crimping pliers to round the wrapped loops so they aren't scratchy. The concave shape helps pull the wire in close to the wrap.
  • If you are new to jewelry making, use your round-nose pliers to finish with a simple loop, or consider using a 1-step looper.
  • Use chain-nose pliers to open the loop on the ear wire, add the wrapped loop portion of the gemstone connector and close the loop. Open the simple loop of the gemstone connector, add the stamped charm and close the loop.
  • Repeat for the second earring.
  • The peachy orange inclusions in the orange sodalite beads blend well with the copper findings in these earrings.
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Suggested Supplies

  • 1 pkg of 100 [use 2] #37-077-20 Copper Eye Pin, 2", Heavy, 100 per pack.
  • 2 each #49-950-23-7 JBB Antiqued Copper Plated Square Tag Charm with Loop, Cast
  • 1 strand [use 2] #21-898-526 Orange Sodalite Gemstone Beads, Faceted Round, 8mm, 45-55 beads, 16" strand
  • 1 pair #34-008-8 TierraCast® Ear Wire, French Hook, Niobium - Copper Color, 2 per pack.
  • 1 each #86-322 XL GEL Liver of Sulfur, 2 oz.


  • #69-271-99 EURO TOOL Glitter, Four-Piece Set, 4 per pack, w/ velvet tool bag.
  • #63-528 EURO TOOL Polishing Pads, Ultra, 2x2", 20 per pack.
  • #65-010 EURO TOOL Crimping Pliers
  • #69-385 ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer, Stubby
  • #69-245-116 ImpressArt Metal Stamp, Hootie, Owl
  • #69-384 ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape
  • #69-108 Tool, Steel Square Block, 2.3"