Gentle Souls Bracelet 3 Tutorial

Written by
Sondra Barrington
Published on
April 8, 2021 1:01:59 AM PDT April 8, 2021 1:01:59 AM PDTth, April 8, 2021 1:01:59 AM PDT

As a graceful nod to the free-spirited Bohemian trend, we created a set of beautiful bracelets in softly muted hues: smoky quartz, warm gold, smoked topaz, antique brass, rose gold amber and iridescent green. We added the sparkle of Swarovski and the luster of Pyrite, and some swing with metal chain and thread tassels. The symbolism and metaphysical properties are protection.

Created by: Sondra Barrington

Designer Tips

  • Measure your wrist, and cut Stretch Magic an extra four inches to give you enough cord to easily tie the knot. The example designs were created for a 6" wrist. You may need to add or subtract beads to your designs.
  • Beads in this series are generally strung into sets of three.
  • We recommend a double-overhand knot, twice:
    Instructional Video: Stretch Magic Knot Tying Instructions

  • Simply string beads and charm in desired pattern, knot cording, and enjoy!
  • Optional: Use a dot of glue to secure knot in Stretch Magic cord.
  • Use a crimp cover to hide the knot.
  • It can be difficult to get the lid onto the narrow tip of the Hypo Cement. To minimize this stress, prepare a batch of bracelets for gluing at one time, rather than gluing them individually.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 tube [use 33 beads] #23-514-1580 Rosaline Amber Czech Glass O Beads
  • 1 strand [use 27 beads] #21-894-050 Faceted Round Pyrite Beads
  • 1 100 [use 1] #48-285-32-6 Antique Brass Plated Crimp Cover
  • 1#49-958-91-AG Antique Brass Eye of Horus Charm
  • 1 dozen [use 9 beads] #05-000-04-23 Swarovski Crystal 4mm Round Smoked Topaz Bead
  • 1 spool #61-037-05 Stretch Magic Cord, 0.7mm -Clear
  • 1 #60-250 Adhesive, GS Hypo Cement