Blooming Lotus Earrings Tutorial

Written by
Mollie Valente
Published on
April 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDT April 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDTst, April 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDT

Created by: Mollie Valente


Designer Tips

  • Attach the eye pin loop to the crystal pear charm (twist loop open and closed).
  • String on beads in the following order:
     3mm silver-plated heishi bead,
    4mm bicone bead,
     3mm silver-plated heishi bead,
    4mm bicone bead,
     3mm silver-plated heishi bead,
    6mm bicone bead,
     3mm silver-heishi bead.
  • Form the start of a wrapped loop at the unfinished end of the beaded eye pin.
  • Prior to wrapping the loop, attach the beaded head pin to the loop of the post earring. Finish wrapping the loop.
  • Add the earring back to the post.
  • Repeat to make the second earring.

Free Step-by-Step Illustrations

Suggested Supplies

The pear-shaped crystal and glue-in setting originally used in this project are no longer available. However, we have lots of other crystal pear charms and pear-shaped drops! For some, you may need an extra jump ring to connect the drop to the eye pin. (The silver-plated jump ring mix is a great option.)

  • 1 pair #32-130-09-AS TierraCast Post Earring w/ Lotus Pattern and Loop - Antiqued Silver Plated
  • 1 (use 2 pieces) #33-284-1  Aluminum and PVC Earring Backs, Mechanical Grip with Flange
  • 1 ounce (use 2 pieces) #37-722-3  Silver Plated Eye Pin, 2", Standard
  • 1 hundred (use 8 pieces) #49-957-03-3  TierraCast Silver Plated Heishi Beads, Cast, 3mm Heishi
  • 1 pack (use 4 pieces) #05-328-04-445  Crystal Bicone Beads, 4mm
  • 1 pack (use 2 pieces) #05-328-06-445  Crystal Bicone Beads, 6mm