Bloodstone Adjustable Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

Written by
Michelle Horning
Published on
April 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDT April 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDTst, April 1, 2021 1:01:00 AM PDT

Created by: Michelle Horning



Designer Tips

  • For step by step macramé knotting instructions, see our blog article: DIY Shamballa-Style Macrame Bracelet Tutorial.
  • Beads can be strung onto the bottom of the anchor cords before anchoring to the board, and slid into place as you work
  • Tight knots make it difficult to sew the tails back into them, and you can break your needle. You will most likely need to use pliers to get the needle through. Make sure to sew the tail back through the entire section of knots to ensure that it doesn't back out.
  • The length of cord to cut for the clasp says 12" in the tutorial, but this leaves little to work with at the end, so I increased it to 18".
  • Separating the ends of the cord with a needle makes a nice tassel.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 strand #21-001-098-02 (use 9 beads) Bloodstone Gemstone Beads, 8mm Round with Large Hole (this stone is not always available in this shape/size ... please see other options)
  • pack #61-214-20-004  Hemp Cord, 20lb Test - Earthy Pastel Color Mix (use about 90" of Burgundy, and about 24" of Blue)



Other Supplies

  • Thimble, Clip Board, Binder Clips