White Plated Curb Chain Necklace, 18", Medium #40-218-1

SKU 40-218-1
Imitation rhodium-plated 18" medium curb chain necklaces. 15 links per inch, inner link dia. 0.9x1.5mm, outer link dia. 2.1x2.7mm, wire is .6mm/.022" thick. White plating is typically an imitation rhodium finish. Finished with spring-ring or lobster clasp.
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Brand: R & T
Country of Origin: China
Bin: NW-B-18
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Approx. Size

1.2mm, 18"

Additional Specs

12 per pack




White Plated

Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews


Good chain, lousy clasps

by Sandra Chang-Adair| 1/31/2012 0:00:00

The width of the chain was a little thicker than expected, rather masculine looking. the color was also darker, not silvery white. The chain was solidly made, but about 1/3 of the clasps were bad. Some of them were too hard to open and when they did, they would get stuck and not close again. If you buy this finished chain, expect to replace the clasps.

Awful clasps!

by Jerin Scott| 3/19/2013 0:00:00

I've been buying these chains for some time now. I like the sturdiness of the chain and the price is good. However the clasps are awful! I usually have 50% that will not open at all or that open but do not close back. The last batch I ordered was even worse. At least 75% of them had non-functioning clasps. I'm currently searching for new chains from other suppliers.

Have to Agree... Great Chains - Awful Clasps

by April Knecht| 6/8/2013 0:00:00

Well, I've ordered at least six gross of these chains, and the clasps have all been horrible. This last gross I kept track and only 32 clasps of the 144 worked (and then not all of those worked really well). But the chain itself is lovely - antique looking and strong. Now, I know these are inexpensive, but I too would be happy to pay more to have decent clasps - as I have to buy and then replace all those clasps anyway. Just haven't found a substitute... so, relegated to a lot of extra work. sigh!

Changed the clasp

by Louis| 8/24/2016 0:00:00

This order had lobster claw clasps ..works well.