Variscite 10mm Round Gemstone Beads #21-880-134

SKU 21-880-134
Approximately 10mm round variscite gemstone beads. Our variscite gemstone beads are a lovely combination of blue-green, tan, black and pale green. There are 36-44 beads per 15-16" strand.
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Brand: R & T
Country of Origin: China
Bin: WH-I-08
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Variscite is a relatively rare phosphate mineral that is named for Variscia, the medieval name of Vogtland, Germany. It is sometimes confused with turquoise but is usually greener. Variscite's bright color comes from traces of chromium. It has a waxy luster and takes a fine polish. This is a relatively soft stone that is easily damaged by acids, heat and rough handling. The safest way to clean it is with warm, soapy water. Other names for varscite include Amatrice, Amatrix, Barrandite, Bolivarite, California Turquoise, Lucinite, Nevada Turquoise, Sabalite, Utah Turquoise, Utahlite and Variquoise.

Variscite is believed to balance the central nervous system and ease depression, fear, worry, anxiety and impatience. Many feel it helps them remember past lives and build virtue, self-reliance, moral courage and success. Physically, it is said to help with skin and blood-vessel elasticity, as well as impotence.

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36-44 beads, 15-16" strand



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