The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, 1-Step BIG Looper, 3mm #65-710

SKU 65-710
Beadsmith® 1-Step BIG Looper. Trims and loops head and eye pins in one motion. Works with 3/8" wire and longer. Creates a 3mm inner diameter loop. Use dead-soft or half-hard precious metal wire, craft wire, and copper or brass core wire. Bends and trims wire between 18-24 gauge. Works best with 20 and 22 gauge.
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Brand: The Beadsmith
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Bin: WH-M-04
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Approx. Size

3mm Loops, 24-18 Gauge Wire

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10 Reviews


BeadsSmith 1-Step Big looper

by Yvonne| 5/13/2014 0:00:00

It's great for making your own eye pins but not very good for making loops at the end of your beaded head pin. You can not get a tight loop right up to the last bead. it leaves too much space which does not look professional.

Love the Large Loops!

by Sondra| 5/14/2014 0:00:00

Customers in the Rings & Things Showroom are loving the new 1-step BIG Looper! We've found it works best with 20g wire and a bit of practice (it takes a few tries to perfect the technique for nicely closed loops).

BIG Love

by Mollie V - Rings & Things Designer| 5/14/2014 0:00:00

As a member of the Rings & Things Design Team, I had the opportunity to be the first employee to try the 1-Step BIG Looper. It takes a bit of practice, but before long I was making bead links with perfect loops. One tip I can suggest for creating a tighter-fitting bead link is to add a small decorative metal bead next to each loop. The smaller beads can be pushed closer to the looper's jaw without risk of cracking a fragile bead. My favorite little metal bead for this task is item #26-155-32; it is affordable and comes in six color choices. And yes, I bought this tool for my own jeweler's bench.

My Favorite New Toy

by Anne A| 5/21/2014 0:00:00

I didn't buy the small Looper for that reason. Too small. I work in the sales department of Rings & Things and one afternoon we were all playing with looping pliers. I tried the 3mm with 18 and 20gauge wire, then pounded or flattened the loops (with a chasing hammer) on a steel block. The look is awesome and very strong. I tried as hard as I could to pull it apart and couldn't. With the 3mm looper, pounding would not be an option as the loops are too small for that. Yes I bought all the above listed items and have been brainstorming with neat ideas. I don't sell jewelry, I just like to hoard gemstones and crystals, and make pieces for family and friends! Anne

1 Step Big looper pliers

by Carol D| 6/11/2014 0:00:00

These are absolutely wonderful. Gets the job fond quickly and perfectly. Thank you so much! I will be back!

Recent purchase

by Barb D| 6/13/2014 0:00:00

Thank you for the excellent service. Your website site is easy to navigate and the colors are true. I recived my order faster than i expected. Prices are better than other Canadian websites even when you factor in the shipping. I use the internet with some trepidation, however your website/business is a joy for its straight forward uncomplicated honest business integrety. Thank you for all the hardwork all of you do to make my beading life easier!

Good tool for everyone's toolbox

by Tina G| 6/26/2014 0:00:00

This is a good product. There is a learning curve but I picked it up quickly. The only complaint is that I can't get the loop tight against the bead. Overall, I would recommend this for anyone who has problems making consistent loops with regular round-nose pliers, or if you just have a lot of them to make.


by Joan D| 7/10/2014 0:00:00

The service was wonderful. The product was beyond expectations! Thank you, Joan

BeadSmith 1-step BIG Looper

by roberta g| 12/16/2014 0:00:00

...a wonderful little tool! makes loops quickly, easily. I make wind chimes with clay and glass and the loop is just the right size, especially when using 18 gauge wire, to connect all the pieces securely. A perfect little tool to complete your beading supplies!

Big looper

by Norman b| 1/5/2016 0:00:00

great video--the best of all the ones i have viewed. I love this tool.