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Stinger Riveting System by Robert Lopez #65-180

SKU 65-180
The Stinger Riveting System is designed to make riveting quick and easy. With the Stinger, rivet heads are left clean and smooth, and need no filing or polishing. This specialized tool's design allows you to access hard-to-reach rivet heads on the inside of bent cuffs. The Robert Lopez Stinger Riveting System is meant to be mounted on your work bench, or wood board that you can clamp to the bench or work table. 16-gauge silver rivets are ideal for this tool (make your own from wire with a torch). Yes, these are the NEW automatic punches with a red ball on the end for extra comfort and functionality. Body may be either silver tone or gold tone. Made in the US. Included: Stinger automatic punch with one punch head, Stinger curved rivet head set, rivet head set mounting fixture, two mounting screws, a pack of 6 silver rivets with heads, and full instructions.
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Brand: Robert Lopez Designs
Country of Origin: United States
Bin: WH-L-02
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More Details

Recommended tools to use with the stinger system: center punch, drill press, and #54 drill bits to form 1.3mm holes. Or instead of a drill press, the manual Euro Tool 4-Hole Hole Punch (our item # 65-151).

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How to Use
The Stinger Riveting System for Jewelers

In this video, Robert Lopez explains why he came up with the Stinger Riveting System, and shows how to use it. If you've ever tried to set rivets in/on a curved cuff bracelet, or want to, you'll appreciate this video! It has great tips not only for use with Robert Lopez's Stinger Riveting system, but also for any other method you might use to prepare holes and set hand-made rivets.

Ratings & Reviews

Stinger Riveting System by Robert Lopez

by S. Morris| 8/31/2019 0:00:00

If you want the best riveting system ever then don't look any further than this one! I bought one when attending one of Robert's classes at Rings & Things and have used it incessantly since then! LOVE IT!!!


by test| 3/23/2020 0:00:00


Great Tool, BUT

by Vinnie| 3/11/2020 0:00:00

I wouldn't order from Rings & Things again. I received the tool, but the automatic punch that comes with it was disassembled. Robert Lopez assures me he sent them to Rings and Things assembled. No instructions as to how to reassemble the tool. Ordered this in Nov, still trying to work with designer on how to reassemble the punch. Poor packaging! The tool is awesome and will be a great help, once I get the punch assembled. [R & T reply: Hi Vinnie, we are very sorry that your tool was received unassembled. I have no idea how or why that happened, but I'll have someone check the rest to make sure they are all still assembled. ~Polly, Rings & Things]


by test| 3/24/2020 0:00:00


Review Update

by Vinnie| 3/11/2020 0:00:00

I was able to speak with Robert about his tool and my punch is now assembled! Next time I’ll order directly from him. Great guy! [R&T Reply: We agree that Robert is a great guy, and we're very excited that he's teaching another workshop for us in Spokane this summer (2020). I'm so glad that he was able to help you, and again I apologize that your riveting system wasn't assembled when you received it. ~Polly, Rings & Things]