Rings & Things Metal Clay Tool Kit

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The Rings & Things Metal Clay Tool Kit. 20+ of the most needed metal clay tools and supplies at approximately 12% off individual item prices! Field tested and hand-selected by our resident ACS Master Instructor Emeritus, Kurt Madison! 
This set provides tools for working the clay when it is moist; for cutting, trimming and modifying when it is dry; for firing silver clay (ACS or PMC); and for shaping, finishing and polishing after firing.
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Included with the Rings & Things Metal Clay Tool Kit...

2 Nonstick Work Surfaces
Woven fiberglass with a nonstick coating. Great for building your pieces on because it breathes a bit and the clay pieces don't warp as much -- we included two of these 4x4" sheets so you can work on a second piece while your first one is drying.

1 Small Jar with Lid and Sponge
#69-132 For keeping your clay moist and ready for that next project — moisten the sponge and keep your metal clay in the main compartment. 1x2"

1 Plexi Roller
#69-131 Use to roll out sheets of clay. A little olive oil rubbed lightly over it will keep the clay from sticking to it. 6" long.

1 Texture Plates Kit
#87-055 24 different textures on 5x4" plastic sheets — a little olive oil and these will release great. How will you use them all?

1 Wax Shaping Spatula
#69-119 With its two ends, this is the No. 1 tool for building, patching and refining precious metal clays. 5.5"

1 Pair of Tweezers
#69-141 For placing those little bits exactly where you want them on your metal clay work.

2 Tissue Blades
#84-385-2 Great long flexible blades for straight cuts or curved trims. Watch it — they're sharp! There's a reason they are called blades.

1 Ring Sizer Set
#69-152 Easy to use with your clients/customers.

1 Scalpel Handle and #11 Blades
#69-153, #69-154 These small knives can be used in all sorts of places — now with the replaceable blades, you can abuse the edge more and still keep working. #11 is a straight edge. Pack of five blades.

2 Stick Burnishers
#69-102 These come as a set, and the sizes are great for tight places you might want to burnish. We also chose these for the kit because they have a shape and size many of you will not have already. A lot of studios already have curved or agate burnishers on the bench.

1 Stainless Steel Brush
#69-114 For cleanup and finish. Be aware that brass sometimes leaves a residue on the metal clay and plain steel rusts.

1 Set of Jeweler's Files
#69-140 Diamond-loaded and therefore nondirectional, great for small-scale working. Set of 10.

1 Rubber Block
#69-124 2" cube used as "soft surface" anvil. Also can be used as a backup surface when you're burnishing.

1 Butane Torch
#69-180 Use with a fill of butane to fire your silver clay (ACS or PMC) pieces, and in the evening to finish off that creme brulè for your guests. Torch is 6" tall.

1 Stainless Steel Firing Screen
#87-052 6" square of 1/8" mesh for firing silver clay (ACS or PMC) on a gas burner.

1 Polishing Cloth
#63-537 Really works well to bring up some shine — try it right over a brushed surface for a nicely highlighted soft finish.

1 Fire Block
#69-182 For insulation under your pieces when torch firing. 5.7x3.7x2"

1 Fiber Board
#69-183 For firing on and/or setting up your pieces to load in the kiln. 6x6"

1 Fiber Blanket
For kiln setups of odd-shaped pieces and/or covering small torch fired glass, etc. 5x6x1"

Note: All of these tools except the torch and screen work for all metal clays. (The torch and firing screen are only for silver clays.) If you work with multiple materials (such as Art Clay Silver and COPPRclay), your silver clay tools and work surfaces must be kept separate from the tools and surfaces used for COPPRclay or BRONZclay. The materials do not work well together, and you will get some unwanted results if you use the same tools and work surfaces for both types of materials.

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