Matte Natural Druzy Agate Round Gemstone Beads, 10mm #21-880-716

SKU 21-880-716
15-16" strands of approximately 10mm round matte druzy agate gemstone center-drilled beads per natural color (mostly neutral shades of cream, gray, tan and browns). Approximately 36-44 center-drilled beads per 15-16" strand.
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Brand: R & T
Country of Origin: China
Bin: WH-I-08
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Druzy: The stunning visual appeal of druzy beads and pendants makes them great options for jewelry focals. Sometimes spelled druse or drusy, druzy is a layer of fine crystals that forms on the inner surfaces of geodes and rock fractures over millions of years. Druzy most commonly forms as clear quartz crystals, but can also be composed of amethyst, citrine, calcite or other crystalline minerals. In the case of our druzy beads, these crystals (usually quartz) are frequently in the cracks and open spaces in various layers of agates. Druzy can be enhanced to change its color, including by electroplating or vacuum coating (processes that bond a thin layer of metal, often iridescent, to the surface of the crystal or the surface of the bead).
Drusy is delicate, and is best suited for applications like pendants, earrings and pins that will not receive a lot of wear. When used in bracelets, remind your customers to treat the bracelet with care. To clean, use warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Drusy quartz rates 7 on Moh's Scale of Hardness; to avoid scratching your other jewelry, gently wrap druzy in fabric when storing it.

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36-44 beads, 15-16" strand


Matte Druzy Agate



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