Fluorite Gemstone Bead, 6-16mm Graduated Square Bicone - Special Purchase #21-007-014-82

SKU 21-007-014-82
Approximately 6-16mm graduated square bicone fluorite beads for jewelry making. Mostly transparent and semi-tranlucent light-green beads, with some purple bicones. This square bicone cut is a popular cut for fluorite beads. Each strand is unique. Approximately 30 beads per 16" strand. Limited Availability -- order now while supplies last!
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Brand: R & T
Country of Origin: China
Bin: WH-H-11
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Most of our fluorite beads (aka flourite, fluorospar, or blue john beads) display pretty swirls of mint green, white, clear, purple and lavender. This pretty pastel gemstone fluoresces in ultraviolet light, giving these beads a fun extra dimension! Since ancient Egypt and Pompeii, fluorite has been carved into artifacts, and it also has a long history of use as flux in creating metal alloys. In modern times, fluorite has gained a medical use in treating bones, teeth, and cell structures. The mineral's energy is purported to assist spiritual growth, clear the mind, and heighten mental achievement and concentration. To care for these semiprecious beads, keep in mind that fluorite is soft and easily scratched. Keep fluorite beads away from prolonged sun exposure, and never steam or ultrasonically clean them; warm soapy water is your safest bet.

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Approx. Size

6-16mm, Graduated

Approx. Hole Size


Additional Specs

28-35 beads, 16" strand



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