Eagle Eye Quartz Gemstone Bead, 6mm Round #21-886-931

SKU 21-886-931
Approximately 6mm round eagle eye semiprecious gemstone beads. These elegant gray center-drilled beads have hints of chatoyancy in their stripes and swirls of light to dark gray.
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Brand: R & T
Country of Origin: China
Bin: WH-I-11
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Eagle Eye (Jasper?): It's difficult to find reliable information on Eagle Eye. We were told it's jasper, but it has hints of translucence that don't normally occur in jaspers. Is it feldspar (like moonstone and labradorite)? Is it a gray form of tigereye? Is it magical Toads Eye (aka toadstone)? Is it Hawk's Eye (the name for an earlier form of tigereye)? Whatever it is, our current batch of Eagle Eye beads are striped like tigereye or tiger iron, and these stripes of light and dark gray have a chatoyant shimmer, but don't have the full cat's-eye effect. Many of the stripes are parallel, and some are swirled. It almost certainly is a variety of quartz. If it is simply gray tigereye, then the stripes are oriented fibers of crocidolite (a mineral of the amphibole group) that have been replaced by silica. But it's lacking the iron that commonly gives tigereye its rich warm hues.

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60-74 beads, 16" strand


Eagle Eye

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