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Clear SuppleMax Beading Cord, 0.4mm

SKU 61-486
0.016" (0.4mm) clear SuppleMax cord by Beadalon®. Extra soft and supple (but not stretchy) cord on 50-meter (55yd) spools. 20-lb test. Nylon cord from the Beadalon® company, designed specifically for bead stringing and crafts. Much nicer look and feel than monofilament fishing line or wire. Just stiff enough to string without requiring a needle. Ideal for "illusion" or "floating" necklaces. Popular with pearls, translucent glass beads and gemstones.
Bin: WH-L-17
Sold by: 50-meter
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Sold by: 50-meter

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About SuppleMax™ Cord

  • When using abrasive beads, slide the beads onto the cord gently, to avoid scraping the cord.
  • Secure beads and cord ends with superglue, knots or 2mm crimp beads.
  • G-S Hypo Tube Cement, #60-250, is a strong, nearly invisible bond that's excellent for gluing pearls and other small beads to SuppleMax (it won't react or make material brittle, either).
  • Hint: Occasionally, SuppleMax will curl when it is removed from the spool. To remove this curl, cut your desired length and pull gently on both ends. Body heat (from wearing the necklace) also tends to uncurl SuppleMax nicely.
  • Clear Bead Bumpers™ look very nice on Supplemax, but they are a bit difficult to string onto it. They hold best on two strands of either size of Supplemax.
  • Use small, lightweight clasps so your clasp doesn't overbalance the necklace.

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