6mm Round Gemstone Bead - Chrysocolla #21-886-928

SKU 21-886-928
6mm round gemstone beads in Chrysocolla. 60-74 center-drilled beads per 15-16" strand. Bead hole size: approximately 0.5-1.2mm.
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Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper phyllosilicate mineral, in shades of green, blue, blue-green, black and brown. It is commonly found in copper mines. Pure chrysocolla is soft and fragile. However, most chrysocolla beads are in a matrix of rock crystal (clear quartz) or silica, and has physical properties closer to that of quartz. When found in a brilliant blue state it can be mistaken for turquoise; typically, the brighter the blue or green color, the higher the price.

Chrysocolla is also known as bisbeeite, chrysocole, crysocolla, chrysocolle, chrysocollite, chrysokolla, crisocola, crisocolla and gem silica.

The name comes from the Greek chrysos, meaning "gold," and kolla, meaning "glue," due to its use as a flux to solder gold around 300 BC. The bluer shades of Chrysocolla are popular for the throat chakra, and are believed to promote clear communication and provide the courage to express oneself. The greener shades of Chrysocolla are popular for opening the heart chakra. The blue-green combination is believed to empower one to communicate in a clear, loving way.

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60-74 beads, 15-16" strand



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