4mm Faceted Diamond Cut Coin Gemstone Bead, Tourmaline #21-007-035-31

SKU 21-007-035-31
Approximately 4mm diamond-cut faceted coin multi-color tourmaline gemstone beads. Coin beads are round, but flat, like coins. These pretty diamond-cut faceted gemstone beads aren't as flat as most coin beads -- they have a puffed middle (but still aren't as spherical as a normal faceted round), and they pack a lot of sparkle into each small bead! 90-105 beads per 15-16" strand.
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Brand: R & T
Country of Origin: China
Bin: WH-H-11
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Tourmaline is a complex crystalline silicate containing aluminum, boron and other elements. Its name derives from the Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) word tura mali, meaning "stone of mixed colors," and tourmaline is indeed found in blue (indicolite), yellow, pink to red (rubellite), black (schorl), green, dravite (brown) and clear (achroite) varieties. Our multicolor tourmaline beads provide you with beautiful mixed strands of different colors of semiprecious tourmaline, in shades of pink, green, and brown to black.

This semiprecious gemstone is piezoelectric (when it's heated, rubbed or pressurized the crystal gives it an electric charge). It is also pleochroic (looking darker from some angles than others). Protect tourmaline from scratches, sharp blows, and drastic temperature changes. Do not clean tourmaline in a home ultrasonic cleaner.

Tourmaline has been used a gemstone for over 2,000 years. It is said to dispel fear, negativity, and grief. Many say tourmaline induces a tranquil sleep, calms nerves, regulates hormones, and fights genetic disorders.

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90-105 beads, 15-16" strand





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Beautiful colors!

by Cynthia| 11/8/2021 0:00:00

The strands I just got are gorgeous! Lots of pinks and pastel colors. All of the stones have a color I can see - not like some places where I have ordered Tourmaline and received strands of super-dark stones that look like they are all black instead of the range of Tourmaline colors. These are so perfect I just placed an order for more strands. Also - I like the faceted puff coin shape. It's nice to have shapes other than the same ol' round. :) Thanks so much! R&T is always great, but this set of stones just blew my mind. cheers, c-