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Knotted Silk Cord Necklace — #68-002-15


    1pkg.     61-512         Needle End Silk Cording (2yds.)
            1     39-326-2         6mm Superior Quality Spring Ring- Yellow
            1     41-216-2         6mm Split Ring- Yellow
            8     43-160-2         Med. Dotted Bead Caps- Yellow
            1     24-101-4         10mm Round Filigree Bead- Gold Plated
            4     24-106-4         6mm Oval Filigree Beads- Gold Plated
            2     23-228-102         8mm Round Glass Beads- Topaz
            6     23-448-102         8mm Faceted Czech Glass Beads- Topaz
          32     23-844-245         Ghost 'E' Beads, Garnet Ghost
            2     20-397-103         25mm Twisted Bugle Beads- Topaz AB
          38     20-228-238         Size 11 Japanese Seed Beads- Topaz/Ruby CL


  • When using Needle End bead cord, always start at the far end of the cord, because there is enough bead cord for a number of necklaces.  Be sure to leave the remaining cord attached to the needle for future projects.
  • Make sure hands are clean before using bead cord.


String a seed bead... (Rings & Things image)
  1. String a seed bead, an "E" bead, and the spring ring onto the cord. Push to the end of the cord, leaving approx. 1 in. of cord for tying the first knot.

    1. Now string the needle back through the "E" bead and then the seed bead. This will secure the clasp in place.
    2. Tie a double knot next to the seed bead. Dab the knot with either clear fingernail polish or glue to help hold the knot.
    3. Trim the inch piece of cord.
      Be sure to leave the long needle end length attached.

  2. Make a single knot approx. 1¼" from the above double knot.
    Note:  Double knots are being used for securing the ends of this project and single knots are to keep beads in place and seperated.

    1. Make a single knot... (Rings & Things image)
    2. String a seed bead, 2 "E" beads, another seed bead, an oval filigree bead, a seed bead, 2 more "E" beads, and a seed bead.
    3. Now make a knot as close to the last seed bead as possible.
      To make a knot where you want it... Practice on another piece of cord (thread would work well) to get the feel before using the silk cord.  Once cord is knotted, it's very difficult to remove! Make the loop of the knot. Slide an awl (or something long and thin) into the loop and slide the knot up to the bead. Get it as close as possible to the bead.  Remove the awl while slowly pulling the knot closed and close to the bead using finger tips. Pull knots tight.
    4. Put another knot approx. ¼" from step 2b.
    5. String a seed bead, a small bead cap, an 8mm round bead, another bead cap (caps should be cradling the bead), and another seed bead.
    6. Tie a knot.
    7. Make another knot ½" from step 2e. String a seed bead, 2 "E" beads, a seed bead, an oval filigree bead, a seed bead, and another 2 "E" beads and a seed bead. (same as Step 2a.)
    8. Tie a knot.
    9. String a seed bead, 2 'E' beads... (Rings & Things image)

  3. Approx. 1" from the last knot, make another.

    1. String a seed bead, "E" bead, a med. bead cap, an 8mm faceted bead, another bead cap, "E" bead, and a seed bead. Make a knot.
    2. About ½" down, make another knot and string a seed bead, bugle bead, and a seed bead. Make a knot.
    3. Knot again at approx. ½" and string the same beads as step 3a. Make a knot.

    Approx. 1 inch from the last knot... (Rings & Things image)

  4. Continue moving down the cord and make a knot about 1½" from the last one.
  5. Continue moving down the cord... (Rings & Things image)

    1. String the centerpiece: a seed bead, 3 "E" beads, a seed bead, an 8mm faceted bead, a 10mm round filigree, 8mm faceted, seed bead, 3 "E" beads, and another seed bead.
    2. Tie the knot.
    Finish the clasp... (Rings & Things image)

  6. Repeat the above steps on the remaining half of the necklace. Line up knots as you work towards the end to make necklace symmetrical.

  7. Finish the clasp by stringing a seed bead, "E" bead, and the split ring.

    1. String back through the "E" bead and seed bead, securing the split ring in place.
    2. Make a double knot under the seed bead using the remaing long length of cord.
    3. Apply adhesive to knot.
    4. Trim cord.
Avoid annoying and sometimes disastrous knotting problems!!
On these type of delicate corded necklaces, it's a good idea to store them in a baggie or somewhere other than thrown into the bottom of a jewelry box!

The final product: Rings & Things' great free Knotted Silk Cord Necklace project

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Necklace and Earrings
Designed by Angela Womach

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