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Leather 101

Click for the blog post on how to make wrapped leather bracelets. Leather continues to be a powerhouse material in jewelry fashions — especially bracelet design! Learn about various types of leather (from straps to cord to finished cuffs), and find tutorials and projects to make your own leather bracelets, handmade leather jewelry, and crafts. You can also shop our leather cord, leather straps, & leather bracelet blanks.

Table of Contents

Working with Strips of Leather
Working with Leather Cuffs & Wraps
Working with Leather Cord

Leather Strips (a.k.a. Leather Straps)

Leather straps offer you lengths of leather that are already dyed a variety of colors, and already cut to a certain width. They work great for leather riveting and for making custom bracelet cuffs and wraps. They make great hat bands, too — check out our projects below!

Types of 1/2" Wide Leather Strips:
USA-made 10-inch leather strips. USA-made 10-inch leather strips. USA-made 10-inch leather strips. 10-Inch Strips are made in the USA by TierraCast®. They offer a soft, supple texture. The short length works well for making cuff bracelets.
Imported 1-meter leather strips. Imported 1-meter leather strips. Imported 1-meter leather strips. 1-Meter Strips are imported. They offer a stiffer surface (that works better with some embellishments), and a longer length that works for wrapped bracelets, hat bands, and other projects that require more length.

How to Set Snaps
on Leather

Graphic Tutorial
Click for instructions on setting snaps.

How to Set Rivets
on Leather

Tutorial & Videos
Click for instructions on riveting leather.

Two Finishing Methods
for Leather Straps

Blog Tutorial
Click for a tutorial on finishing leather strips.

"The Journey"
Wrap Bracelet

Gallery Project
Attach a Tim Holtz word band to a leather wrap bracelet.

"Winged Heart"
Hat Band

Gallery Project
Learn to make a hat band with a leather strip.

"Upcycled Cog"
Wrap Bracelet

Gallery Project
Make a leather wrap bracelet with an upcycled cog.

For illustrated step-by-step guides that are easy to print, see our:

Bracelet Cuffs & Bracelet Wraps

Leather bracelets with snaps already in place allow you to focus on your custom embellishments without having to mess with the logistics of adding a clasp! Our selection of cuffs also offers a broader selection of widths than the leather strips.

Half-inch wide leather wrap bracelets.
1/2" Wide Wraps

Half-inch wide leather cuff bracelets.
1/2" Wide Cuffs

One-inch wide leather cuff bracelets.
1" Wide Cuffs

One-and-a-half-inch wide leather cuff bracelets.
1-1/2" Wide Cuffs

The Easiest Braided
Leather Cuff Ever

Blog Post
Click for a tutorial on braiding a leather cuff.

How to Make an Etched
Metal & Leather Cuff

Blog Post
Click for a tutorial on adding etched metal to leather cuffs.

Gemstone and Leather
Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Blog Post
Click for a tutorial on adding gemstone beads to leather cuffs.

Sewing Focals Onto
Leather Wrap Bracelets

Blog Post
Click for a tutorial on sewing onto leather bracelets.

"Tough Girl"
Rhinestone Leather Cuff

Gallery Project
Learn to attach rhinestone chain to a leather cuff.

Riveting with TierraCast®
Leather Findings

Blog Post
Click for a tutorial on riveting leather bracelets.

Leather Cord

There are many types of leather cord to choose from — in a wide variety of colors. Use the following list to help you decide which types will work best for your craft and jewelry projects. Then, check out the techniques, tutorials, and projects below!

Superior-quality Greek leather cord. Greek Leather is superior-quality round cord. Strong & supple. 1.5mm & 2mm widths work for Chan Luu style wrapped bracelets. 3mm width also available.

Synthetic leather cord. Imitation Leather Cord is a best seller and a great vegan alternative to genuine leather. It offers consistent size and color, knots well, and is water resistant.

USA-made deer hide lace. Deer Hide is extremely soft and supple in 2mm and 3mm widths. It holds knots well and looks great in wrapped bracelets! Flat like suede lace. Made in USA.

Imitation and genuine suede lace. Suede Lace comes in your choice of 3mm wide genuine suede and 1.5mm wide synthetic suede. The latter is thin but strong and offers a great vegan alternative.

Economy goat-skin leather cord. "Goat-Skin" Cord is economy leather thong. 0.5mm width works great for braiding and wrapping. 1mm and 2mm widths work for stringing large-hole beads and pendants.

Braided bolo cord. Leather Bolo Cord consists of 4 strands of leather braided together into a 4.5-5mm wide round cord. Great as chunky necklace cord as well as bolo cord.

How to Make Wrapped
Leather Bracelets

Blog Post
Click for a tutorial on making wrapped leather bracelets.

How to Make a Lashed
Chain & Leather Bracelet

Blog Post
Click for a tutorial on lashing chain to leather.

Make a Lashed Rhinestone
& Leather Bracelet

Blog Post
Click for instructions on lashing rhinestones to leather.

"7 Rings of Fire"
Multistrand Bracelet

Gallery Project
Make a multistrand leather bracelet.

"Square Peg"
Leather Bracelet

Gallery Project
Learn to combine several strands of leather into one end piece.

"Turquoise Life"
Deer Hide Bracelet

Gallery Project
Learn to make a braided deer hide lace bracelet.

"Giddy Up"
Deer Hide Lariat Necklace

Gallery Project
Make a lariat necklace with deer hide lace.

"Coralled Pearls"
Leather Lariat

Gallery Project
Learn to knot freshwater pearls onto leather cord.

Make A Sliding
Adjustable Necklace

Blog Post
Click for how to use slide adjusters on leather cord.

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