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Post Tagged 'riveting'

Best Riveting Tool Set

With 100s of rivets, eyelets, and related tools to pick from, the #2 riveting question I get is: What are the best tools to easily set both rivets and eyelets? The answer depends on whether you want to rivet mostly leather, or mostly metal. For leather, see my Riveting with TierraCast Leather Findings tutorial. For metal and mixed media, the best...

Create a Hinged Metal Memory Journal

Use a hinge to turn shrine-shaped metal blanks into a journal! Decide on the layout, location of the hinge and other decorative elements. Using a checkered hammer, apply texture to the top and bottom panels of the journal. Patina, file rough edges and clean. Cut the hinges, which can be as wide or as narrow as you choose. For 3/32...

Create a Healing Shrine

Making handmade jewelry for someone is a unique and inspiring way to show you care.  This “Healing Shrine” was created for a friend suffering from cancer.  It was inspired by our new brass blank shapes and a recent trip to Santa Fe, NM. Each year, thousands of people pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayo seeking blessings.  Many visitors take a small amount of...

Riveting with TierraCast Leather Findings

The links, beads and rivets in TierraCast’s new Leather Findings Collection are refreshingly easy to use — especially for those of you who are still nursing bruised fingertips from my previous riveting blog! Compression rivets are fast. The rivetable links are sturdy, yet can be re-shaped if desired: Hook clasps, strap tip, tribuckle clasps, strap tips, ribbon slide cord ends...

Upcycle cans and tins into jewelry!

We all know recycling is a good thing, but upcycling is even better! Aluminum and tin cans can easily be turned into jewelry, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind: Metal edges can be wicked sharp. Make clean cuts and file off any jagged points. Quality jewelry metal shears make this much easier! Most tin snips...

Riveting tool comparison – long reach vs. standard

Hello, bloglandia! Today, I failed repeatedly at the project I undertook with the Crafted Findings semi-tubular riveting tool. But, as many wise people have stated, wisdom rarely comes from success. It is our failures that we learn the most from. And besides, these particular failures were actually wins in a way. The riveting tool by Crafted Findings is now available...

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