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Posts Tagged 'rice pearls'

Post Tagged 'rice pearls'

Pretty in pearls – freshwater keishi pearls for jewelry designers

Hi bloglandia! Pearls are a standard in jewelry, yet the shapes and colors available these days are anything but! Keishi pearls are actually collapsed pearl sacs. To me they look like shimmery, shiny souffles that have drooped into ruffly, lacy waves. The picture below shows several shades of tip-drilled keishi pearls, including the rose ones Sondra used in the above...

From the Rings & Things Showroom: What’s Fresh with Freshwater Pearls

  One of my favorite materials to make jewelry with is, hands down, freshwater pearls. I absolutely adore freshwater pearls! Why do I love them so much? Well first and foremost, they are beautiful! Also, they now come in so many shapes and colors, that the possibility for jewelry designs are endless. Freshwater pearls add a whimsical and organic feel...

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