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Posts Tagged 'rhinestone chain'

Post Tagged 'rhinestone chain'

Easy to Make Lashed Rhinestone and Leather Bracelet

Making wrapped bracelets just got easier because this simple lashing technique takes just minutes to learn.  You can combine leather cord with rhinestone chain for a sophisticated style or use ball chain and leather for an industrial look. Follow these steps:     Here are the supplies and tools you will need to make this DIY jewelry project: 24 inches...

How to Create a Reliquary Pendant

I love keepsake jewelry, and this reliquary necklace is perfect for capturing mementos. You can adapt this pendant design to make your own personalized jewelry; encase a family photo, dried flower petals from a special event, or perhaps a lock of baby hair. The following is a DIY tutorial for making a glass bezel shrine necklace.   Here are the...

Bling Bombing

Hi bloglandia! Have you heard of yarn bombing? I highly recommend you do a quick image search if you haven’t! It is basically guerilla crafting – making public spaces more beautiful with knit and crochet creativeness. While I love the concept, I’m not very talented with fiber arts. But today, the stars converged in a way (or maybe I’ve just...

Make Your Own Designer Jewelry: Multi-Chain Necklace!

As a jewelry maker, I am constantly checking out the jewelry at department stores and boutiques for inspiration and current trends. When winter and fall comes, so does big statement jewelry. The kind of pieces that you wear to Christmas parties with your favorite black cocktail dress. This year, I have noticed that there are a lot of multiple chain...

Wire lashing: an easy way to cover your jewelry with beads or bling!

Artistic Wire + bracelet forms = many many options! I call this easy jewelry-making technique “wire lashing” to distinguish it from “wire wrapping” – but really, it is just wrapping thin wire around and around a component in order to cover it with beads (or chain!). The keys to wire lashing are simple, but oh so vital: Always begin with...

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