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Posts Tagged 'glass bezels'

Post Tagged 'glass bezels'

EnCapture Artisan Concrete

We tested the new EnCapture Artisan Concrete Kit! This “unique texture-rich medium for jewelry making”  is designed for embedding treasures such as glass, gemstones, metal, buttons, wire and beads to create visual interest and contrast.  Here are some tips for using it! Mixing: We found the easiest way to mix the concrete was making a slurry (or thin paste) by putting...

Glass Bezels: Clearly show off your treasures!

Glass bezels are great! You can make your own by using a bottle cutting tool from Delphi. This tool is also pretty handy to convert old wine bottles and beer bottles into drinking glasses and votive holders. Check out this video from Six in the Suburbs Blog to see how easy it is to cut glass bottles. However, if you...

Resin + scrapbook paper = fun

So, if you’ve been reading this blog you know we are very excited about SuperClear Resin for jewelry. As is usually the case, we had a bit leftover after filling some bezels, so we tried applying some to scrapbooking paper just to see what would happen. The results were great! With most epoxy resins, it is recommended that you coat...

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