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Posts Tagged 'designer jewelry'

Post Tagged 'designer jewelry'

Create a Charm Bracelet

 Charm Bracelet Create a beautiful, heirloom-quality charm bracelet using freshwater keishi pearls, Swarovski faceted crystal beads, and unique sterling silver bead caps,  charms, and findings. A four-piece jewelry making tool set and basic assembly techniques are all you need to create this stunning bracelet. I recommend using the Chain Stā tool which suspends the bracelet horizontally making it easier to see where you are placing charms. Create Eight Styles of Charms For...

Create a Custom Personalized Necklace

Personalized jewelry is very popular, and quite simple to create!   A four-piece jewelry making tool set and basic assembly techniques are all you need to create custom necklaces. It is easy to personalize jewelry using birthstone-color gemstones and Swarovski crystal, along with a sterling silver charm or two. Rings & Things sells a huge selection of lightweight budget-friendly sterling charms and necklace chains. Chains are easily adorned with add-a-dangle, or add-a-gemstone charms.  To create...

How to Make a Metal Box

Make A Metal Box A small metal box was turned into a framed reliquary, containing an antiqued frozen Charlotte doll. Create your own metal box that can be transformed into memory jewelry, a tiny shrine or used for some other whimsical (or practical) purpose. To make a metal box, first decide on the type of metal, and the size of...

How to Make Leather Bracelets – Two Finishing Methods

  In this do-it-yourself jewelry-making tutorial, the bracelet blanks from last weeks blog post, “Customizing Tim Holtz idea-ology® Word Bands for a Handmade Look”, combine with Rings & Things’ new leather strips to make two styles of leather cuffs.     Leather Bracelet Style One – A Single-Wrap Bracelet with Drawstring Clasp: “In the Moment Leather Cuff Bracelet” You will...

Concrete in Jewelry

  An industrial material such as concrete seems unlikely for jewelry, but it works very well! It is relatively lightweight, and very durable. It is great for personalized adornment, because you can embed virtually any charm, bead or found object you want. Visit our design gallery for free jewelry projects and check our Mosaic Jewelry Board on Pinterest for concrete jewelry inspirations.  ...

Create a Hinged Metal Memory Journal

Use a hinge to turn shrine-shaped metal blanks into a journal! Decide on the layout, location of the hinge and other decorative elements. Using a checkered hammer, apply texture to the top and bottom panels of the journal. Patina, file rough edges and clean. Cut the hinges, which can be as wide or as narrow as you choose. For 3/32...

How to Make a Lashed Chain & Leather Bracelet

Lashed wrapped leather bracelets aren’t just popular because they look great — they’re also a hit because once you know a couple tricks to get started, they are an easy and fun DIY jewelry project to make! The main difference between lashing chain to leather and lashing beads to leather is that chain doesn’t have “hidden” holes to allow you...

EnCapture Artisan Concrete

We tested the new EnCapture Artisan Concrete Kit! This “unique texture-rich medium for jewelry making”  is designed for embedding treasures such as glass, gemstones, metal, buttons, wire and beads to create visual interest and contrast.  Here are some tips for using it! Mixing: We found the easiest way to mix the concrete was making a slurry (or thin paste) by putting...

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