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Posts Tagged 'copper etching'

Post Tagged 'copper etching'

Create a Hinged Metal Memory Journal

Use a hinge to turn shrine-shaped metal blanks into a journal! Decide on the layout, location of the hinge and other decorative elements. Using a checkered hammer, apply texture to the top and bottom panels of the journal. Patina, file rough edges and clean. Cut the hinges, which can be as wide or as narrow as you choose. For 3/32...

DIY copper etching tutorial

It is easy to etch your own designs into metal for jewelry. This tutorial will teach you how! (Check out our etching kit too!) Before you begin, please read the safety considerations for etching metal with chemicals blog post. You’ll also probably want to read the design considerations for etching metal blog post too! Now, here are the steps for...

Design considerations for etching metal

Creating attractive etched metal pieces for jewelry requires masking portions of the metal to prevent the etchant from etching those areas. The unetched areas will be the high points on the metal. Lines need to be at least as wide as the etch will be deep. Lines should be a little wider than how you’d like them to be when...

Safety considerations for etching metal with chemicals

Using chemicals doesn’t have to be dangerous, so long as you take basic steps to set up your work area to avoid problems. For chemical etching, you need: Rubber gloves (latex or nitrile). Safety goggles. The etching solution might splash, and you don’t want that in your eyes. Apron. The etchant will stain your clothes and anything else it touches....

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