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Posts Tagged 'artistic wire'

Post Tagged 'artistic wire'

How To Make A Wire Bird Nest

It’s February, and snow and ice are covering every surface… which means I’d really like to fly away to someplace warm for the winter. But I don’t have wings, so the next best thing is having Kayla explain how she makes these adorable wire bird’s nests.  She made this sweet bracelet by creating 3 wrapped nests with different shades of...

How to make Lashed Kidney Wire Earrings – Featuring SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Learn this simple wire-wrapping technique and how to use pinch-style rivoli settings with this free jewelry-making tutorial from Rings & Things.       You will need the following tools and supplies: ruler nylon-jaw, flat-nose pliers round-nose pliers semi-flush side cutter sampler pack of 26ga silver-plated Artistic Wire® (use two 4 inch pieces) 14mm rivoli bezel with 1 Loop (use...

Make Fashionable Ear Cuff Jewelry

If you haven’t yet jumped on the ear cuff bandwagon, now’s your chance! Some ear cuff designs include an earring post to hold the design in place, but many of today’s styles work for both pierced and non-pierced ears, making them as versatile as they are trendy. Customer service rep Tracy and Gallery guru Amy made the following Five Ear...

How to do a Herringbone Wire Wrap

Wire-wrapping has become my newest jewelry making addiction! I am always browsing the internet and looking for new inspiration and techniques that I have yet to master. My latest accomplishment was learning how to create the oh so complicated looking herring bone wrap. I have admired this style of wire wrapping for years but was always too intimidated to attempt...

Wire lashing: an easy way to cover your jewelry with beads or bling!

Artistic Wire + bracelet forms = many many options! I call this easy jewelry-making technique “wire lashing” to distinguish it from “wire wrapping” – but really, it is just wrapping thin wire around and around a component in order to cover it with beads (or chain!). The keys to wire lashing are simple, but oh so vital: Always begin with...

How to Wire-Wrap a Briolette

I love briolettes! I love them in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. So what is a briolette? A briolette is a pear or teardrop-shaped bead that is faceted and tip-drilled. Some briolettes are flat and some are round, kind of like a ball that comes to a point on one end. When they are flat, the hole can either...

New Artistic Wire color variety packs

Whether you already love making jewelry with colored wire or you’d like to start, these new sampler packs from Artistic Wire are the perfect way to add color – maybe even LOTS of color – to your designs. Each Buy the Dozen package contains – you guessed it – a dozen 5-yard spools of the same gauge wire, each in...

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