Planet Earth Earrings

March 24, 2015
DSCN6684 (1138x1280)

Earth Day is just around the corner! And the timing couldn’t be better! We just got in the new TierraCast Earth Buttons and I thought some planet Earth earrings would be perfect! Check out below how easy these earrings are to make! Continue Reading…

Spring Bee Jewelry Set Featuring Swarovski Crystal Metallic Sunshine Briolettes

March 17, 2015
DSCN6474 (1280x960)

When spring time comes, I always want to make bug and leaf and flowery jewelry. I am paticularily fond of bumble bees! I knew I would have to use these raw brass bees paired with some of the new Swarovski crystal color, Metallic Shine. It is a beautiful warm honey color, perfect for this project! To see how to make the set, read below. All the products to make these pieces have links so you can order them and recreate this jewelry! Continue Reading…

Mermaid Seashell Earrings Tutorial

March 1, 2015
DSCN6427 (1280x960)

I love the beach, and anything ocean-inspired! I am constantly searching for new items that remind me of the sea. When I recently discovered these seashell brass charms, I knew they would look amazing paired with my favorite Swarovski Bermuda blue teardrops. ¬†These earrings are easy to make and all you need is some basic hand tools. See how below! Continue Reading…

Multichain Bracelet Project

February 24, 2015
DSCN6364 (1280x960)

I love chain! The more the merrier! When I was assigned to make something new with chain recently, I had a project in mind instantly. I wanted to make a multichain bracelet, with several styles of chain in the same plating. You could certainly make this bracelet with all the same chain, or chains in different platings as well. It is also a great way to use up chain scraps, since you only need 6-7 inch segments of chain. To see how to make this bracelet, follow the easy instructions below. Continue Reading…

DIY Leather Bracelets: Setting Rivets and Eyelets

February 19, 2015
DSCN6325 (1280x512)

I love leather cuff bracelets! Whether I wear one alone, or layer them with other metal and leather bracelets, I think they are always in style. They are bohemian, and can be in funky bright colors or subdued earth tones. With the large selection of pre-made cuffs we sell, the possibilities are endless! I made a few examples using the TierraCast eyelet setting tool and eyelets to show you! Check out how to make them below! Continue Reading…

DIY Rose Quartz Healing Necklace

February 6, 2015

Rose quartz is a such a beautiful stone, pale pink and translucent. I have recently had customers for my personal business requesting more rose quartz jewelry due to the healing powers of this stone. When I looked into it, I discovered that rose quartz is a stone that promotes unconditional love and healing from emotional trauma (such as heartbreak). How perfect for Valentine’s Day! Continue Reading…