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Archive for 'Tutorials'

Archive for 'Tutorials'

Do-it-yourself custom bracelets

  Disk and loop bracelet blanks are the perfect way to make a a custom gifts for friends or family! They are also a great way to showcase cool found objects such as vintage buttons or foreign coins. Even the most novice crafter will be able to create one of these fun, mixed media pieces! So whether you want to...

DIY Swarovski Applique

Did anyone else notice that winter hit overnight? The below-freezing temps are here and it’s time to snuggle up in our warm winter-wear! While I hate being cold, I love wearing coats and all of the fun accessories that go along with them – so I obviously need to be cute while doing it! I’ve also found a passion for...

How to transform gemstone donuts into simple earrings and necklaces!

I love gemstones in all shapes, sizes and colors! But recently, I have been having fun with one shape in particular, gemstone donuts. They are round, washer-shaped gemstones, with a hole in the center. They come in a variety of sizes, from dime sized, to palm sized! They also come in a variety of stones. One nice thing about the...

Simple Swarovski Crystal Pendant Earrings

  Swarovski crystal pendants are the perfect way to sparkle up any holiday outfit! And they are so easy to transform into pretty earrings! There are so many different shapes and colors to choose from, you may have trouble deciding which ones to get! You can literally make any of these earrings in under 5 minutes!  All that is needed...

How to make crystal angel earrings

When I first saw the cool shape of Swarovski’s crystal dome beads (from their Fall/Winter 2014/15 Innovations), two thoughts immediately came to my mind – bell and angel skirt.   This tutorial shows you how to use these sparkling faceted beads to make angel skirts for earring designs.  The exact same combinations can also be used to make single angels...

How to Use Center Crimp Cord Ends

When you’re making jewelry, center crimp cord ends are an easy way to cleanly finish the ends of a wide variety of jewelry cord including but not limited to leather, silk ribbon, and chain. You can finish your necklace or bracelet with a loop and a hook: Or, use two loops and the clasp of your choice (shown here is...

Polymer Clay Sunset Ombre Pendants

I must admit, polymer clay is a material I rarely think of using when creating jewelry designs. But lately, I have seen some jewelry on etsy and pinterest that have made me second guess this almost forgotten medium. I mean it is very versatile. It allows you to create simple, yet modern and edgy designs.  So when I was faced...

Say it Your Way with Easy Metal Stamped Jewelry

You don’t have to be Frank Sinatra to do things your own way! That’s the beauty of metal stamping as a jewelry technique. Not only do you get to assemble components, you get to make your own components – and they can say whatever you want them to say!     Letter stamps are the perfect way to create monogram...

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