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Archive for 'New products'

Archive for 'New products'

How to make crystal angel earrings

When I first saw the cool shape of Swarovski’s crystal dome beads (from their Fall/Winter 2014/15 Innovations), two thoughts immediately came to my mind – bell and angel skirt.   This tutorial shows you how to use these sparkling faceted beads to make angel skirts for earring designs.  The exact same combinations can also be used to make single angels...

How to make chain maille (from a kit)

Rings & Things has added a whole new line of enameled copper jump rings and clasps from Weave Got Maille, and a handful of Byzantine kits and box chain kits to go with them. Melissa and I tested the kits, to produce some quick example pieces for our website, and I have to say, I think the kits are a...

Embellish Jewelry Blanks with Crystal Chatons

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rhinestone cowgirl or an urban fashionista – dressing up belt buckles and other jewelry blanks with sparkling crystal chatons is just plain fun! Use the steps below to either recreate the Zen Yin belt buckle by Jan or to embed you own designs in a wide range of jewelry components including bezel cups, bottles...

How to Make Leather Bracelets – Two Finishing Methods

  In this do-it-yourself jewelry-making tutorial, the bracelet blanks from last weeks blog post, “Customizing Tim Holtz idea-ology® Word Bands for a Handmade Look”, combine with Rings & Things’ new leather strips to make two styles of leather cuffs.     Leather Bracelet Style One – A Single-Wrap Bracelet with Drawstring Clasp: “In the Moment Leather Cuff Bracelet” You will...

Concrete in Jewelry

  An industrial material such as concrete seems unlikely for jewelry, but it works very well! It is relatively lightweight, and very durable. It is great for personalized adornment, because you can embed virtually any charm, bead or found object you want. Visit our design gallery for free jewelry projects and check our Mosaic Jewelry Board on Pinterest for concrete jewelry inspirations.  ...

Create a Hinged Metal Memory Journal

Use a hinge to turn shrine-shaped metal blanks into a journal! Decide on the layout, location of the hinge and other decorative elements. Using a checkered hammer, apply texture to the top and bottom panels of the journal. Patina, file rough edges and clean. Cut the hinges, which can be as wide or as narrow as you choose. For 3/32...

Button, Button, What to do with buttons?

I love a good button. I think most bead hoarders have a button tin somewhere as well. The materials used for buttons range from the simple and inexpensive to exotic and pricey. Obviously buttons have a practical use in sewing and clothing design, but they can be great additions to DIY jewelry as well.   Buttons as beads: By their...

Easy Elegant Earrings

Easy Elegant Earrings Using one-step looping pliers and a few supplies, you can have a set of fantastic earrings in under 30 minutes! Step One: Gather supplies Step Two: Lay out pattern and mark paddles Step Three: Loop paddle-end head pins Step Four: Adjust and tighten loops Step Five: Assemble Step Six: Repeat for other earring & enjoy!   For...

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