Create a Charm Bracelet

 Charm Bracelet

Moondance, a free DIY bracelet project, using sterling silver, keishi pearls and faceted Swarovski crystal beads was designed by Sondra Barrington of Rings & Things.  This handmade jewelry design features flower, petal and leaf bead caps made of sterling silver as well as center drilled keishi pearls in a beautiful shimmering silvery gray/light blue color. Free instructions for creating this handmade, heirloom quality charm bracelet at

Create a beautiful, heirloom-quality charm bracelet using freshwater keishi pearls, Swarovski faceted crystal beads, and unique sterling silver bead caps,  charms, and findings.

A four-piece jewelry making tool set and basic assembly techniques are all you need to create this stunning bracelet. I recommend using the Chain Stā tool which suspends the bracelet horizontally making it easier to see where you are placing charms.

Create Eight Styles of Charms

For this design, charms were arranged in the following pattern:

  1. Place an Ethereal Pearl Charm every 5 links.
  2. On the 3rd link after Ethereal Pearl, attach  Oopsy Daisy Charm.
  3. On the 4th link after Ethereal Pearl, alternate Falling Leaf & Delicate Sprout Charms.
  4. On the 1st link after Ethereal Pearl, alternate Tender Bloom & Budding Flower Charms.
  5. On the 2nd link after Ethereal Pearl, alternate Cherry Blossom & Fresh Shoot Charms.

Ethereal Pearl Charm

The ethereal pearl charm features  freshwater center-drilled keishi pearl and a sterling silver ball-end head pin (available at

Create 7 Ethereal Pearl Charms using:
Center-Drilled Freshwater Keishi Pearl
2″ Ball End Head Pins
4mm Round Jump Rings

Oopsy Daisy Charm

The oopsy daisy charm features a Swarovski faceted crystal bead, a sterling silver four leaf bead cap, and a sterling silver ball-end head pin (available at

Create 6 Oopsy Daisy Charms using:

Falling Leaf Charm

The falling leaf charm features a Swarovski pearl, a sterling silver leaf charm, and a sterling silver ball-end head pin (available at
Create 3 Falling Leaf Charms using:

Delicate Sprout Charm

 The delicate sprout charm features a Swarovski pearl, a sterling silver flower charm, a sterling silver flower bead cap, and a sterling silver ball-end head pin (available at

Create 3 Delicate Sprout Charms using:
Sterling Silver Flower Bead Cap
3mm Swarovski Round Crystal Pearl Beads
2″ Sterling Silver Ball End Head Pins
4mm Round Sterling Silver Jump Rings
Sterling Silver Pansy Charms

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5 Responses to “Create a Charm Bracelet”

  1. Debbie Bobby says:

    Cute bracelet, but I think there’s an error in the ingredients.

    The Falling Leaf Charms and Delicate Sprout Charms are linking to beadcap which is 13×13. That seems extremely large for a 3mm crystal pearl and doesn’t appear to be what’s actually used in either of these components. That bead cap looks to be the correct one for the Cherry Blossom Charm but not the other two.

    • Polly says:

      Thanks for pointing that out Debbie!

      I checked with Sondra to find out which bead cap was used, and I’m updating it now in the original blog so it won’t confuse future readers.

  2. Debbie Bobby says:

    There is also no link to a leaf charm for the Falling Leaf Charms and but it looks like it might be this one:

  3. Sondra says:

    You are right! There was an error in the ingredients! The actual bead cap used was:

    Thank you!!! <3 Sondra

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