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Bling Bombing

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Hi bloglandia! Have you heard of yarn bombing? I highly recommend you do a quick image search if you haven’t! It is basically guerilla crafting – making public spaces more beautiful with knit and crochet creativeness. While I love the concept, I’m not very talented with fiber arts. But today, the stars converged in a way (or maybe I’ve just been in a cubicle too long…)

Nate's Wolverine action figure (NOT a doll) needed a little sprucing up.

One, it is Friday and I’m feeling punchy. Two, it is Mandi’s birthday (you might know her from our showroom or traveling bead shows – happy birthday Mandi!) so there is lots of sugar and cake coursing through our systems and Three, I have all these snippets of rhinestone chain leftover from Monday. What does it all add up to? My new sport – bling bombing!!

The rules are really simple: embellish objects with bits of bling in a totally removable and non-damaging way (ie: wire wrapping, not super gluing).  I started with public spaces but then it got personal:


Why shouldn't the meeting room calendar have a bit of sparkle?


The time-clock computer really looked blah before.


Justin really didn't like my suggestion of adding rhinestone chain to his glasses. I think it actually made him ill, which conveniently left his belongings unsupervised today. Won't he be excited on Monday?


Fortunately, Bill from the sales dept. can't get enough bling. Doesn't he look snazzy?


There was no way Joe, our purchasing manager, would let me dress up his glasses, so I decorated the handle of his truck instead. Of course, now I have to worry about revenge: he went to lunch, the chain is now gone...but he has not said a word. Cue the horror movie music.


I think my favorite, though, was dressing up Melissa's bike. Indoor bike parking is one of the perks of working in the Rings & Things warehouse.

I hope to have inspired someone – somewhere – to create some sparkly mischief.  The world can always use a bit more bling. Have a great weekend everyone! ~ Cindy