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Archive for March, 2012

Archive for March, 2012

springing forward!

Blink and you miss it – March is already behind us! Here in Spokane we were teased with one gorgeous sunny day last weekend…following by a week of pouring rain. The Bead Show crew has found pockets of nice weather here and there, but spring is a most changeable season. I had a lot of big plans for what I...

Hoppy DIY Easter Jewelry Ideas!

I just spied this new selection of freshwater pearls over in our sales department and suddenly I realized – Easter is almost here! There is something about the egg-shaped pearls that is just so very…what’s the word…eggy? Hop over to our design gallery – we have a whole category devoted to spring and Easter jewelry. We make all of our...

Birthstone Jewelry: March is Aquamarine

A couple of weeks ago at our Spokane Bead Frenzy, I was demonstrating how to use microtorches to solder pieces of metal together. Much to my shock, since I was doing 10 things at once and answering questions, some of the pieces actually turned out to be quite adorable! I turned one into a necklace with our new “Zambian aquamarine”...

Leather strap wrap bracelets in bright new colors!

Bright colorful triple-wrap leather bracelets are easy to customize with beads, charms, metal and more!

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