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Archive for December, 2011

Archive for December, 2011

DIY copper etching tutorial

It is easy to etch your own designs into metal for jewelry. This tutorial will teach you how! (Check out our etching kit too!) Before you begin, please read the safety considerations for etching metal with chemicals blog post. You’ll also probably want to read the design considerations for etching metal blog post too! Now, here are the steps for...

Design considerations for etching metal

Creating attractive etched metal pieces for jewelry requires masking portions of the metal to prevent the etchant from etching those areas. The unetched areas will be the high points on the metal. Lines need to be at least as wide as the etch will be deep. Lines should be a little wider than how you’d like them to be when...

Safety considerations for etching metal with chemicals

Using chemicals doesn’t have to be dangerous, so long as you take basic steps to set up your work area to avoid problems. For chemical etching, you need: Rubber gloves (latex or nitrile). Safety goggles. The etching solution might splash, and you don’t want that in your eyes. Apron. The etchant will stain your clothes and anything else it touches....

Turn it upside down!

What happens when you take the oh-so-popular Swarovski crystal tree charm pattern and turn it upside down? Beautiful, festive crystal earrings that can be worn year-round! The French clips are another nice touch. Melissa made these classic clear crystal margarita earrings while on vacation with her mom and I snatched them off her ears as soon as I saw them....

Season of Giving

The holiday season is all about giving, yet it has been a tough year economically and budgets are tight. Fortunately, Rings & Things offers a voluntary donation program for employees where a set dollar amount is deducted from each paycheck. At the end of the year, owners Russ & Dee match the deducted funds and give the money to charity....

DIY Earring Project: Swarovski Crystal Tassel Earrings

    I have always been a sucker for anything sparkly. So when I started working here at Rings and Things, I soon became addicted to everything Swarovski! I know all the colors and all the shapes. Bronze Shade, Golden Shadow, Silver Night, Red Magma and of course the coveted Bermuda Blue! I dream of crystals. Seriously. I rarely leave...

Twelve Days of Christmas Jewelry Designs: 12 – Fairy Doors

A super easy way to create some holiday magic is with our exclusive brass fairy doors. These precut metal shapes with cutouts can be stamped, hammered, riveted, painted, patinaed, layered…so, so many options! Mollie used one to make her sister a sweet keepsake necklace (Day 6). Sondra added a stamped tag to one of her designs on Day 11. Earlier...

Twelve Days of Christmas Jewelry Designs: 11 – Stamped Metal Gift Tags

The best thing about metal stamping is the ability to personalize jewelry and ornaments with the exact words, phrases and names you want. Hammering metal is one of those instant gratification crafts. In just a few minutes you can create a completely customized gift that will be functional for years. Below are some examples of custom gift tags and other...

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