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Archive for October, 2011

Archive for October, 2011

Copper Washers: A beautiful addition to your Jewelry Designs

Copper washers may seem overly industrial for jewelry, but with a little manipulation, they work great. Ever since we started carrying them a couple of weeks ago, I have been experimenting and the results have been fabulous! And I have only scratched the surfaced. These washers would be great linked as bracelets, soldered together for fabulous bib necklaces or dapped...

Boo-tiful Halloween Costumes

I must admit, I’m a tiny bit disappointed – while many of our employees dressed up in great costumes for Halloween, none of them used beads! But still, the winning costumes are worth sharing. There was a three-way tie for 2nd place: Happy Halloween everyone!

Make Your Own Designer Jewelry: Multi-Chain Necklace!

As a jewelry maker, I am constantly checking out the jewelry at department stores and boutiques for inspiration and current trends. When winter and fall comes, so does big statement jewelry. The kind of pieces that you wear to Christmas parties with your favorite black cocktail dress. This year, I have noticed that there are a lot of multiple chain...

Fall color trends: new crystal color combinations for jewelry designers

The fashion world is always on fast forward. While we are living in fall 2011 (at least last time I checked!), designers are already planning for fall 2012. Hence the debut of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS fall/winter 2012/13 crystal colors – *antique pink and denim blue – in fall 2011! I am actually pretty fond of the 2011 fall Pantone color scheme...

Three Great Ways to Incorporate Swirls into your Jewelry

  For as long as I can remember I have loved making swirly curly-Q designs. In middle school, my favorite pee-chee folders were covered in them. Well I’ve grown out of my doodling habits, mostly, but I still love those swirls! Unwilling to give up on swirls altogether I have found three great ways to incorporate them into your jewelry with the...

Beads for a Cause!

It seems like world turns pink during October in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month: pink lids on yogurt, special cupcakes at bakeries, even pink-ribbon windshield wiper blades! Awareness jewelry has become popular with many causes (autism and diabetes for example) but, probably because it is pink, breast cancer awareness jewelry is by far the most prevalent. Since big-hole...

Upcycle cans and tins into jewelry!

We all know recycling is a good thing, but upcycling is even better! Aluminum and tin cans can easily be turned into jewelry, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind: Metal edges can be wicked sharp. Make clean cuts and file off any jagged points. Quality jewelry metal shears make this much easier! Most tin snips...

Fun soldered pendant ideas

Hello bloglandia! Awhile back I posted a mini tutorial on using Simply Swank soldering supplies, and today thought I’d show you some of the new Swank stuff we’ve made. For this pendant, Mollie soldered two round glass tiles together. The finished piece is nice and thick, which adds a bit of a vintage feel to it. For this necklace Mollie...

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