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Archive for July, 2011

Archive for July, 2011

The easiest braided leather cuff bracelet ever

Hi bloglandia! I came across this great Magic Braided Leather tutorial today and immediately had to try it with our pre-made leather cuff bracelets. In less than 5 minutes I had a finished braided bracelet! Here’s how you can make your own: Supplies: Leather cuff bracelet (mine is 0.5″ wide, dark brown) Sharp hobby knife How to: Cut two slits...

SuperClear Resin for jewelry is super exciting!

I have a love/hate relationship with epoxy resin. I love it when it works, and hate, hate, HATE it when it doesn’t. Through trial and more errors than I like to remember, I get good results almost always with EasyCast Resin. However, it isn’t exactly easy – the epoxy must be the right temperature. Air bubbles form and must be...

How to finish a multi-strand necklace with bullet ends

Hello, bloglandia! As promised, here are the instructions for finishing a multiple-strand piece of jewelry (like the braided hemp necklace I made with the Kumihimo disk) using glue-on bullet ends. A bullet end is a jewelry finding that hides cord ends and makes a clean transition to a clasp. Bullet ends are also called end caps, barrel caps, and a...

Make hemp friendship bracelets and more with a Kumihimo braiding disk

I’ve been intrigued by Kumihimo braiding disks for a while now. Kumihimo (a Japanese form of braid making)  is an easy way to make intricate multiple strand braids. Braiding bracelets is the perfect summer-time activity, as anyone who has been to summer camp can attest. Most Kumihimo braids use 8 or 16  warps (each warp could be made up of...

How to pick the best metal hole punching tool for jewelry

A new hole punching plier just crossed my desk, and honestly, I was a bit taken aback. We already carry several hole punch pliers, as well as a screw-action metal punch, so why did we need another one? Hopefully this blog will answer that question and help you decide which tool is right for you. It wasn’t that long ago...

Silver filled jewelry: what exactly is it?

If you use sterling silver in your jewelry, you have felt the pain of rising silver prices. Although the market always fluctuates up and down a tad unpredictably, it feels like it has only gone UP lately. Because it has! Many jewelry designers have been forced to switch materials or to use less sterling silver in their designs to compensate...

How to make copper bangle bracelets with large hole beads

Hello, bloglandia! Our sales manager, Sondra, was fortunate enough to attend Tracy Stanley’s “Bangles with a Message” class at Bead & Button last month. We’ve been oohing and ahhing over her wristful of chunky metal, so yesterday we got together and made some of our own bracelets. For a sturdy yet slightly flexible bracelet base, we used 14 gauge copper...

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