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How to make interchangeable magnetic jewelry with 1″ buttons

How to make interchangeable magnetic jewelry with 1" buttons

bottle cap magnet button pendant

Handmade magnetic bottle cap necklace with assorted buttons

Mollie has been borderline obsessed with one particular item lately. It’s not a pretty gemstone bead or sparkly crystal pendant. It isn’t even new. No, Mollie is obsessed with plain old sticky dots. Almost daily, she’d ask me, “Oooh, have you tried the sticky dot?” and I’d just roll my eyes. But now I’m a convert too.

Sticky dots are just that – self-stick little glue pads. Easy to use, strong, zero mess, no fuss, no cure time, no smell. This is true instant gratification!

Round sticky dots fit perfectly under our magnets!

Two of Mollie’s recent designs use the sticky dot: the interchangeable magnet ring and the interchangeable magnet bottle cap pendant. Like many of you crafty people, Mollie has a button making machine. The little 1″ buttons are particularly adorable, and since they are made of steel, naturally they are magnetic. I don’t have a button machine myself, but I buy lots of buttons – and now I can wear them instead of leaving them on my bulletin board!


Here's the magnet

Here's the pendant – so cute!

Rings & Things’ wholesale price breaks makes it really affordable to make a whole bunch of these necklaces. For about $50 (before shipping and tax, if applicable) you can get everything (except the buttons) to make 70 necklaces – with supplies leftover! If you don’t already have one, add a pair of EuroPunch pliers to make holes in the caps.

1 spool of ball chain (makes 70 17″ necklaces) $18-25 ~ 100 ball chain clasps $2 ~ 1 oz. jump rings $5-6 ~ 100 bottle caps $7-10 ~ 144 adhesive dots $6 ~ two packs of 35 magnets $12-14

The adhesive dot is completely hidden by the ring and magnet.

1" buttons make perfect rings!

The same value applies to the magnetic ring design – and absolutely no tools are required to make these!

72 adjustable flat-pad ring blanks $42-62, depending on color (we do sell a less expensive ring blank if you prefer, but the style and comfort of this style is worth the added cost) ~ 144 adhesive dots $6 ~ two packs of 35 magnets $12-14

At these quantities, the necklaces cost less than a dollar and the rings about $1.20 to 1.50 each to make. Buy more and the cost per is even lower. Ah, the genius of good design! ~ Cindy

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
~ Albert Einstein

PS: here are some handy links to some other how-to’s in the Rings & Things blog!

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Comments (13)

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so true.

Just ask yourself, what could you do with 144 sticky little dots?

Cool! It has me wondering if the sticky dots are strong enough to hold glass. I don’t have buttons but I have lots of glass beads that I make!

Hi Mona – That’s a great idea! I would make a prototype and wear it around for a day or two before going into mass production, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well these little sticky dots really stick! ~ Cindy

I was wondering where I can find 1″ buttons, I don’t have a button maker. But I love the rings, they are great!

Hi Tracy – Etsy.com is a great source for handmade buttons in every possible style. I’ve purchased from Emily Adams, who recently started her own online store: emilyadamsonfire.com. I also buy artist’s pins at art shows when I can’t afford their full size prints!

Just use pliers to remove the pin backs and you’re good to go!

Thanks for the info!

Hi Traci,
I sell a full line of professional, yet affordable, button machines and the supplies to DIY your own! Depending on the size machine you purchase, you can buttons, magnets, pocket mirrors, bottle openers, and so much more… I personally fell so in love with making buttons, and buying different sized machines, that I eventually decided to go into business for my self to help support my family. Please feel free contact me if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.
Owner, JYL of ALL Trades
P.S. Cindy, GREAT idea using the bottle caps!!

I have seen necklaces with like a silver bezel cup and you interchange the buttons. Do you sell those? thanks

Hi Paige! Yes, we just had these bezels made for us to fit our glass tiles and they happen to fit 1″ buttons perfectly! Your question inspired me to try it out – it works so well I think I’ll write another blog about it! https://shop.rings-things.com/cart/pc/Bezel-Round-1-Loop-24mm-3552p32377.htm


i’m about purchasing to your shop to make interchangeable ring but on Etsy , i dont know if i have to buy button magnet or flat black, when I ask they cant reply
can you help me ,please?

Most buttons will work (and be interchangeable) if you add a magnet like this: https://shop.rings-things.com/cart/pc/Magnet-Round-12mm-p11988.htm
I hope that answers your question! If not, please include some links, because I am not exactly sure what you are asking.

Love this idea! Question – do any of your bezel ring blanks fit the 1″ buttons? I just like the look of the bezel more then the flat.

Hi Evelyn,
We do have a bottle cap ring blank, which I think fits the 1″ buttons. It has a 26mm inner diameter, which should be perfect.

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