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“As seen in”: December/January BeadStyle magazine

Monday, November 29th, 2010

“Purple often suggests refinement, grace, and elegance. To me this shade is just calming.”

That’s what Jane Konkel said about some attractive resin tube beads from Rings & Things that she used in her “Take a Look at Lilac” jewelry set:

Rings & Things beads in BeadStyle's "Take a Look at Lilac" design

Calling it a “New Fave”, Jane paired this resin tube with some of our popular
glass faceted round beads, also in purple hues.

See these regal designs starting on page 70 of BeadStyle magazine’s December/January issue!

Cool bead alert: powdered-glass donuts

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Cool bead alert!

We’re told these invitingly inexpensive, glowingly colorful powder-glass “donuts” are made by crushing solid color seed beads.*

Powdered-glass donut beads from Africa

Recycled-glass wafers like these have been popular at our BeadTour bead shows. Look for them in your city soon (next spring), or order some now!

*Beadmakers might be interested in the process of making these discoidal darlings. In a nutshell:

  • Make a clay mold.
  • Choose glass by color, crush it by hand into “fritt”.
  • Dip the mold in water, treat it with kaolin clay to prevent sticking.
  • Place a cassava stalk in the center of each mold; fill in with fritt. (Firing burns the stalks away, leaving a hole for stringing.)
  • Bake the molds in a kiln hot enough to fuse the glass.
  • After firing, remove the molds.
  • Shape and polish the beads on a stone using sand and water.
  • Beads are sometimes oiled to bring out their natural shine.

Cheapskate booth ideas

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Ever do craft / trade shows?  Wendy Rosen is going to save you some money.  And hassle!

Cheapskate Booth Ideas

Cheapskate booth ideas from Wendy Rosen: music stands

Music stands!


Under-shelf lights!


Cutting table from JoAnn Fabrics!

See 20 Cheapskate Booth Ideas (and more) at Wendy’s Facebook page!  ….Please note that if you become Wendy’s “FB friend”,  you’ll receive more booth ideas, plus tips about wholesaling to shops and galleries!

PS: for extra ideas, check out Tradeshow Stuff and The Buyers Market!

“For a holiday gift, I hope for __________ from Rings & Things.”

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

How do you finish this sentence?

“For a holiday gift, I hope for __________ from Rings & Things.” <|:-)

Leave a COMMENT below, for a chance to WIN a bag of HOLIDAY BEADS!  And for extra brownie points, tell a friend to stop by & do the same.

Here’s what some Facebook friends said…

Lynn Perry Bennett metal stamping supplies

Joy Mcdonald Pearls and Amethyst necklace from my best friend :) lol ;) Helen where are you :)

Juli Nocita A gift certificate!

Anita Carbone Anthony one or two of everything (Can you tag hubby in this?) lol

Stephanie Dixon A gift certificate for a million dollars….

Kala Taylor You to relocate to the UK

Adrienne York Campbell texturing hammers!!

Claire Goverts The metal stamping kit (though that’s probably going to be a ‘to me from me’ gift)

Linda Roden A Large Gift Certificate.

Miz Fit new and exciting products

Patricia L Beaudin sterling silver wire to string some mirage beads on for rings!

Sandy Flynn chokers, chokers, chokers!!!!!

Krissi Sandvik GLASS TILES and glue-on bails

Vanessa Kennedy There’s far too much that I would love to have to pick just one thing, so I would definitely love a large gift certificate..or lots of small ones :)

Design challenge: exclusive glass bezels & tiles

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

We issued a design challenge to some Rings & Things Blog Partners…

Glass bezels

“What would you make with new, Rings & Things exclusiveglass bezels &
glass tiles

Stay tuned for the results! (Hint, we’ve already seen some, and they’re wonderful.)

In the meantime: curious to be a Blog Partner? And, you can buy glass bezels & glass tiles from us too!

Metal charms

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

We get a lot of requests from you for metal charms.

Metal does have its charms :) Peek at the newest & coolest! My picks:

1. A fresh crop of delicate leaf-shaped sterling charms:

Sterling leaf charms

7 species!

2. Rhinestone metal cross charms:

Rhinestone crystal cross charms

In gunmetal & more!

3. Textured brass cut-outs and charms:

Cutlery sets, even!

I want to know, what’s your favorite metal charm lately?

Leave a comment!

Product Testing: Radishes Required

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Yesterday was an eventful day for product testing! We sent the obligatory email telling people not to worry about “the strange plastic smell’ that arose from testing some non-toxic faux enamels.

We decided to add a great new riveting tool ~ watch for it in December.

We also tested the usability and effectiveness of various patinas and metal treatments. It started out simply enough, test a metal treatment from a new vendor. No problem,  we’ve done this quite a few times and know the drill, or so we thought!

We definitely noticed that the basic instructions were written in calligraphy. And, we did wonder about the need for a solid copper pot. We questioned whether rainwater was really needed. But, we didn’t pull the plug on the test until we read the instruction to mix-in freshly grated daikon radish.

The radish requirement inspired fits of giggles. Fortunately, we have several other non-radish based metal treatments that are great to work with!

♥ Sondra

In the workshop…with some rivets

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

A peek at one in the series of free workshops we often hold in the Rings & Things showroom:

A riveting workshop, with Polly.

Riveted, mixed-metal jewelry, hot off the anvil!

Riveting jewelry is fun–with parental supervision.

Call it a notebook charm, call it a hinge…

…it’s handmade, unique and beautiful!