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Archive for May, 2009

Archive for May, 2009

Featured bead: Czech (Bohemian) glass beads

The original Boho! A staple of the bead world, Czech glass beads come in so many varieties that we couldn’t easily pick one out to feature today. But we’d love to take you on a tour through the history of these great beads. Roman times: Beads are already being made in what’s now Bohemia (the Czech Republic). 900’s AD: Bohemian...

Does this resin-ate with you?

Last Friday, Rings & Things people test-drove some new resin products that we’re adding to our store soon. Here’s a fun glimpse of some kinds of stuff you can make with resin!  If any of the words below have a particular sparkle, they were borrowed from Sunny Barrington.  (I’m trying to get her to blog here!) wee-little clothespins (in goo)...

Beads as a war memorial

A simple idea for a sober occasion. Beads as a war memorial. We hope your Memorial Day was safe and rewarding. May giveaway: * You enter by leaving comments this month * At the end of May, 2 winners will receive coveted Rings & Things goodie packs! *So read the blog regularly, to enter a lot & to see if...

Thank-you Friday

Thanks to a number of kind people who talked about Rings & Things in the last week… In other tour-related blogging, KJ at the Silver Parrot tantalized us with a promise to show off her discoveries at our latest bead show.  AJ at Erthefae managed a mini-vacation to our BeadTour show and to the Bead Museum in Arizona…lucky!  SoftFlex Girl...

Craft business tip: win a contest

Sometimes the craft business tips I share come from a lot of people’s hard work & experience… Today I want to talk about the few, the proud, the lucky winners.  And what winning can do for your business. Earlier today I noticed someone’s item on Etsy that was already familiar to me.*  Know why?  Because it had been one of...

Featured bead: orchids (or propellers)

The featured bead this week is the CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements #6906 orchid pendant.  Here’s why: The crystal orchid pendant is lovely to start with.  But you can get more for your money, and so can your customers, if you multi-purpose this bead into fashionable steampunk designs. Given the steampunk affection for making things industrial look pretty, how about a...

“Bike to Work” with Rings & Things Girls

One good cause that gets a lot of support at Rings & Things is Bike to Work Week.  That’s this week, so there’s still time to promote it here! The Rings & Things Girls challenged the Boys to recruit the bigger Bike to Work Week team this year.  With the week almost over, the Girls have eight bikers registered.  The...

The price of amethyst, and how to benefit from it

A showroom customer asked about the price of amethyst, particularly the “A” grade amethyst we carry.  We had not noticed the recent price of this, so we asked our supplier who specializes in amethyst. She told us, “Yes, Amethyst rough has kept increasing for the last two-three years.  For the same price, we won’t be able to get the same...

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