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Glossary of Coatings & Effects for Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals come in a dizzying array of color options including coatings, foil backings, color-changing shades and more! Get help sorting through your options with this glossary of definitions that explain some of the Swarovski color terms you'll come across.

  • 2x   Signifies that a coating has been applied to the entire surface of a component. It's called "two times" because most coatings are only applied to one half (one side) of a bead or pendant.
  • Aurora Borealis (AB)   A pastel iridescent coating. Unlike most crystal coatings (which are generally applied to only clear crystals), aurora borealis is available on many crystal colors.
  • Coatings   Swarovski crystals are available in many coatings. If a crystal is coated, we list the crystal color first followed by the coating. For example, Crystal Copper is a clear crystal component with a copper-colored coating added to one half of the item. Most coatings are created by Swarovksi, but sometimes non-Swarovski coatings are applied to Swarovski goods (Champagne is an example of this). See "2x" and "AB" for more info on coatings.
  • Color-Changing Shades   Alexandrite and Cantaloupe are crystal shades that change color depending on the light under which they're being viewed.
  • Comet Argent Light (CAL)   A single-colored silver foil backing that creates a mirror-like effect. In addition to being used on clear crystal components, it can be used in addition to a coating.
  • Foils, Multicolor   Also known as "Translucent Effects", multicolored foil coatings are applied to one half (one side) of a crystal component. Bermuda Blue (BB), Heliotrope, Sahara, Tabac, Vitrail Light (VL), Vitrail Medium (VM) and Volcano are all examples. Generally, these are applied as backings and are seen through the clear crystal.
  • Metallic Coatings   Aurum (gold-colored), Dorado (bronze-colored), Hematite (silvery gray, like the gemstone), and Metallic Blue are all metallic-looking coatings applied to either one side or the full (2x) crystal component. These are typically added to clear or jet beads.
  • Protective Layer   A lacquer introduced in 2011 that is applied over select Bermuda Blue, Tabac, Vitrail Medium, Vitrail Light, and Comet Argent Light (CAL) crystals. This lacquer protects the crystal's colored coating from scratches, fingerprints and moisture damage that could lead to corrosion.
  • Satin   A smoky gray coating that adds a soft sheen and deepens the shade of the crystal. Like aurora borealis, this coating is available on various colors of crystal.
  • Transmission   A coating designed for the textile industry that looks similar to aurora borealis. It "transmits" or seems to emulate the color of the garment on which it is worn.