Polymer Clay and Poly Clay Tools

Shape your creativity with Kato Polyclay and polymer clay tools. Polymer clay is a fun and inexpensive way to make everything from simple kawaii figurines to beautiful and complex cane art! Kato Polyclay by Van Aken is a stiff polymer clay that has superior working properties for making canes. Find clay cutters, modeling tools, texture plates, and more supplies that work with a variety of polymer clays.

How to Choose Your Polymer Clay
Generally, soft polymer clays are good for projects that don't involve extensive manipulation. Soft clays (like Sculpey III®) start out easier to work with, but can start to blend together and bleed once worked for a while.

Stiff polymer clays may start out crumbly when cold, but they manipulate well in the long run. This makes stiff clays superior to use for cane work.