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Metal Stamping Blanks

Shop an inspiring selection of metal stamping blanks and metal jewelry tags. Choose from brass, Vintaj Natural Brass, copper, raw or plated pewter, aluminum, Alkeme, and sterling silver.  Personalize with monograms, design stamps, and more.  Fairy Doors come in sets that can be hinged, riveted, soldered, collaged, and stamped. Get wholesale pricing when you buy in bulk.

Related metal stamping supplies include:

  • 24-gauge soft metals (sterling silver, copper, & brass) are perfect for metal stamping, embossing, soldering, riveting, and engraving. They can also be chemical etched if taken out of the etchant earlier than thicker gauges.
  • 22-gauge copper works great for chemical etching as well as metal stamping, soldering, riveting, and engraving. These blanks are too thick for embossing machines.
  • 18-gauge copper blanks are ideal for chemical etching and enameling. They also work for riveting, soldering, engraving, and metal stamping.
  • Two-part sandwich blanks ("Fairy Doors") are Rings & Things exclusives! Designed as pairs, the fronts feature cut-out designs and the backs are solid. Use resin, rivets, glue, etc. to add images between the layers. At 26-gauge, these also work great for for riveting, embossing, and metal stamping.