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Education Station

Expand your creative powers with this encyclopedia of beads, jewelry-making and crafts information! You'll find how-to videos, techniques, tips, glossaries, charts, and more.

Techniques & How-To Tips

Tip sheet on basic jewelry making techniques. Jewelry Basics (PDF) provides tutorials on how to make wire loops, open jump rings, use crimps, and more.

Tutorial on how to make earrings. How to Make Earrings (PDF) shows you how to use earring hooks, posts, and hoops to make earrings.

Basic jewelry wire tips, terms, and tutorials. Wire Jewelry 101 explains tips and terms you need to choose the right jewelry making wire. Learn about gauges, shapes, metals, & hardness. Find tutorials, projects, & supplies too.

Learn about working with leather cord and leather straps. Leather 101 offers tutorials, techniques, and projects for working with leather strips (aka straps), leather snap bracelets, and leather cord — including popular lashed wrap bracelets!

Learn how to etch your own designs into metal. Metal Etching 101 provides the basics you need to make DIY metal etched jewelry. Learn how to choose your metals, etchants, and resists, plus find full tutorials and projects.

Basic riveting videos, info, projects, and tips. Riveting 101 shows you the difference between compression (2-part) rivets, nail-head rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and wire rivets, with how-to videos and links to projects and blogs!

Basic metal stamping tools and how-to tips. Metal Stamping 101 takes you through the basic tools you need, plus the basic process to create your own stamped metal charms and pendants.

Tips for oxidizing handmade jewelry. Patina 101 (PDF) explains how to use liver of sulfur potash, XL Gel, Win-Ox™, & Novacan Black to oxidize (patinate) jewelry.

Soldering basics, including soft solder vs. hard solder. Soldering 101 explains the difference between soft solder and hard solder, plus shows you various soldering jewelry projects, and links to soldering supplies.

How to make DIY no-solder bezels. DIY No-Solder Bezels (PDF) teaches how to make bezels & frame pendants without soldering.

Learn how to work with metal clay. Metal Clay 101 explains what metal clay is, how to use it, and details about working with Art Clay™ Silver (ACS), Precious Metal Clay (PMC), BRONZclay™, and COPPRclay™.

How to use ITS image transfer solution. Image Transfer 101 (PDF) gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to transfer images with ITS™ Image Transfer Solution.

Gets tips on using craft glues. Gluing Metal Findings (PDF) offers tips on choosing the right craft glue for making or repairing jewelry.

Basic info about polymer clay brands and tools. About Polymer Clay offers you tips and hints on how to work with polymer clay. Plus, find differences between brands.

Tips to make jewelry with epoxy resin. Epoxy Resin 101 (PDF) gives you the basics for how to make jewelry with epoxy resin, including EasyCast and SuperClear.

Free EasyCast Resin project book (PDF). EasyCast Resin Jewelry (PDF) is a free book you can download and print. It covers resin casting, embedding objects, making faux gems, and more.

Jewelry-Making Helpmates

Jewelry gauges, measurements, and basic terms. Gauges, Measurements, & Terms answers Q's like "what are findings" & "what is a gross." Plus, find the AWG wire gauge chart, inch to mm conversions, more.

Glossary of bead shapes. Bead Shapes Glossary
Get definitions & images of over 135 bead shapes, including also known as names (aka's).

Information about over 325 gemstones. Gemstone Beads Index
Learn origins and uses of over 325 semi precious gemstones, including composition, metaphysical properties, more.

Facts about metals and alloys. About Metals & Platings answers questions including "what are base metals," "what is white metal," and "what's the difference between gold plate & gold fill." Compare metal colors and find info about lead in jewelry and nickel allergies.

Basic bead stringing tips and techniques. Bead Stringing Guide helps you choose the right cord, the right clasp, and the right finishing method when you're making necklaces and bracelets.

Color charts and color tips. Working with Colors offers you tips about color and light, definitions of basic color terms, and how to choose the best metals to complement different colors.

Glossary of Swarovski coatings and effects. Glossary of Swarovski Crystal Effects explains the names of various coatings and foil backings offered by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Jewelry Inspirations

Jewelry Design Gallery. Our Design Gallery is where you'll find 100's of free jewelry projects, from simple stringing to metalworking and more.

Swarovski's Fall/Winter Innovations. Swarovski's Fall/ Winter 2015/ 2016 Launch reveals the newest Swarovski crystals. Let's face it, they'll look good all year!

Create Your Style's Color Carousel Tool. CREATE YOUR STYLE Color Carousel
Great tool for choosing color combos — use for crystals, beads & all jewelry supplies.

Cause ribbon color symbolism.Cause Ribbon Color SymbolismCause Ribbon Color Symbolism Cause Ribbon Colors
Find the color symbolism for different awareness causes. Use with cause ribbon charms.

Birthstone Crystal Chart Crystal Birthstone Chart
Find the best colors of Swarovski crystals for making birthstone jewelry.

How-To Videos

Watch jewelry-making videos on Rings & Things' YouTube Channel.